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  1. Hey all, For the last couple months I've been running this little hookah website. It's mostly been supplying a local market, and in that aspect has done very well. Now it's at the point where I need to launch a national campaign, but I've decided to become an English teacher abroad. So now I'm selling this website and everything that it comes with (inventory, distributors contact info, website design, domain name, ect.) If anyone is interested in more information send me a pm and I will show you the website and a catalog of my inventory. The price will be below what I
  2. I was just curious... I see a lot of small but successful hookah sites and was wondering what kind of licensing/permits you need to sell these kind of products online. If you're only selling the hookahs them self do you really need any kind of tobacco license?
  3. I know everyone else has suggested myas, but if you're looking for something with a little bit more size I would go with a magdy zidan. They are high quality and affordable.
  4. Like the others said, hookah smoke isn't too bad. Maybe your roomates will be ok with the smell. If not, light some incense. You can even let them help pick it out so you know they like it.
  5. I clean my bowls and washable hoses after every smoke. I clean my vase every other time and the stem maybe every 5-10, just cause it's a pain to do.
  6. re-reading lord of the rings with some tangiers maraschino cherry laylina mango mix. i like reading while smoking more than watching movies now. i used to over smoke when a movie gets intense, but that never happens with my books.
  7. What kind of hookah is that top one in your most recent post? Is that a nawras?
  8. Please do. I'm still looking for all your high end syrians!
  9. too true... i just picked up from that hookah house cause they were a good price. perhaps too good....
  10. Your updates are keeping me super interested. The past two years I have tried to fast every full moon. I cleanse with a three day water only diet. I'm constantly amazed by people who, practicing ramadan, can give up even their liquids! More power to you! And I think the increased emotions you are feeling is probably normal. I've been hanging out with some old saudi arabian roommates (actually, the ones that introduced me to hookah) and they always get more sulky and homesick during ramadan. Please continue to update with your insightful posts.
  11. [quote][color=#1C2837][size=2]I would say a bad batch. MAYBE a fake box of cocos. Or the final possibility is that its an old box of cocos. [/size][/color][/quote] I didn't even consider this, but the cardboard box was loose and the plastic was open!
  12. I'm a couple pieces into a new box of coconaras, but part way through my bowl they putter out completely. I make sure they are completely lit, and I've used coconaras for a couple of years and have never had this problem... although this is the first time I picked up a box from a local tobacco mart. I'm doing everything the same as I always have... Could this just be a bad batch of coconaras?
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