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  1. Once again, I thank you guys so much for taking your time out to help me. At first I was thinking about the Mya Colossus and saw youtube reviews, then stumbled upon a review about the KM 50' quad pearl and sort of fell in love with that. The reviewers about the Mya Colossus didnt like the hoses and i thought why should i spend more money on hoses then too when i could get the KM for a cheaper price, and better hoses that come with it. However, i didnt find any stem adapters. What do you guys feel about two people pulling from the same hookah at the same time? does the size of the h
  2. Thank you everyone! Your advice was great, I am looking at the websites and hookah brands you provided me with. I think the reason i was attracted more to Sahara Smoke was because of their pricing/deals and that i get 2 jars of shisha, any flavor, with it. How about this, if I get a large hookah and get two stems? One for one hose and another for 2 or more hoses? Does that work? I want atleast two hookahs, one large and one small & the large to turn to at the mosttt two hoses.
  3. Hi, Im new here! I just had a few questions. I really want to buy a hookah, I have smoked but dont have one yet. The company Sahara Smoke seems to have alot of promotions now, such as a free hookah & rotating stand & free shipping. I was thinking of buying a large two hose and a medium one hose so in the end i would have three. The total is about 192. Question 1) Is sahara smoke a good/credible/legit company? I mean idk how many companies do these kind of promotions, a lot of them. The large hookah is 27 inches, I was hoping for something taller but thats ok. Question
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