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  1. [quote name='jorlyfish' timestamp='1291398228' post='490198'] I know a lot of non-enthusiasts don't mind, but I'd reeeallly consider changing the shisha. HookahHookah does make a lot of flavors, but the quality is laughably bad. Even if you're not a frequent hookah smoker, you'd notice that the flavor is gone within a few minutes... and I know flavor is one of the big draws for people to smoke (aside from socializing, the fun of making big smoke clouds etc... which I also don't think you get much of with HH). If you're noticing you have hookah enthusiasts come in just once... this, I would say, is the issue more than anything. You guys already do tiered sessions (or you did when I was there over the summer, anyway). I know you probably have a ton of stock of HH, but why not diversify and get a different, higher quality shisha (doesn't have to be expensive!) for the real hookah lovers out there. I posted right above you with some of my thoughts on the lounge; feel free to contact me about anything. [/quote] The HookahHookah shisha is probably the number one source of complaints that we get, however believe it or not the praises it gets far outnumber. I don't see us switching entirely to another brand anytime soon because we would need to find one that makes 50+ flavors like HookahHookah. However, I believe that we are looking into purchasing premium tobacco to use as well in the near future. I haven't smoked anything other than HookahHookah and Starbuzz. What do you think we should be considering?
  2. Hey guys, my name is Sean and I'm an employee at The Pillar in Lancaster. I love my job and I really want everyone that comes in to love it too. I've noticed some disenfranchisement with hookah enthusiasts and I am looking for ways to remedy this. I think a big issue is that many employees, myself included, aren't well versed in hookahs and shisha. I was introduced to hookahs at The Pillar in Reading and other than smoking at a few friends' houses I haven't really had much experience with hookahs outside of my job. I know that we mostly cater to the college crowd, but I am coming to you guys because I really want you guys to enjoy it here too. While I can't guarantee that I'll be able to make all the changes you guys suggest, I really do want to hear any advice you guys have to offer.
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