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  1. TheDamnIrish

    Al Omda

    Just have to say, first of all, Moe is awesome! He is by far the nicest, most attentive hookah bar owner I have ever met. Whereas other places will barely even greet you when you walk in, Moe is always there saying hi and hanging out with the crowd. As far as the hookah, it's some of the best I have smoked. They really know their stuff . Selection is Star Buzz Super Premium, Al Fakher, and Al Nakhla. Egyptian pipes. Prices start at $9.99. NOT a "nightclub"-ish type of hookah bar. Very chill and relaxing. 818 W. Broadway Rd, Ste 111 Tempe, AZ 85282 Broadway/Hardy www.omdahookah.com
  2. Smoking after, no problem. Smoking before? Ack! I feel like my muscles and lungs are screaming at me for depriving them of too much oxygen.
  3. Holy cow! That's expensive. The more popular hookah bar near my house charges a $1 cover per person, no cover if you buy a drink. Cheapest hookah is $12. However, the place I prefer, just opened up, charges no cover and cheapest is $10. Best shisha I have ever smoked.
  4. First off, hi everyone! I've used this forum to answer questions before and can't believe the wealth of info I get from here but it's my first time posting. I've got a question that's sorta on this topic. Has anyone ever used a small pumpkin as a bowl before? I have a huge halloween party coming up and will have the hookah beast out for everyone to enjoy and thought it would be cool to have a pumpkin as the bowl. Any reason why this wouldn't work the same as a regular fruit bowl? I gave it a shot recently to test and couldn't get anything but a little bit of smoke out of it, like it wasn't getting hot enough or something. I waited awhile for it to heat up, but still got nothing. I added more coals and still nothing. :/ I'm stubborn and would love to get this to work so any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!
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