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  1. Deezer quicklights I can get a pack of like 10 of them for two bucks, they're pretty easy to light, don't crumble, and stay pretty warm. The only problem is that I think that they burn out a little too quickly (of course, I could have gotten a smaller size).
  2. I personally have no problem with homosexuals in the military, but think of who is serving (now this is just going off of an assumption) but most of the people serving are going to be straight, white, more conservative men who are going to probably feel uncomfortable with gays around them. Also, I really don't see them taking orders from a gay officer. (it's actually kind of funny thinking about it)
  3. [u]Review: Fantasia Strawberry Lemonade[/u] [u] [/u] Setup: Havanna model small, glass base smell: smells a lot like lemons, a hint of strawberry. The smell is very sweet appearance: lots of juice, a few stems in the bag, taste: tastes great: It gives you that type of feel that drinking lemonade gives you, it was hard to find strawberries though buzz: Sometimes when I smoke, I get a head- spinning ass kicking from it, and others, I've gotten a pretty decent buzz but not too hardcore smoke: It leaves puffy white clouds and is great for making smoke rings. Even though I'm basically a noob at hookah, I can tell that Fantasia is pretty damn good. 9/10
  4. well what is the tar levels and all that in hookah? is it different then, let's say a cigarette?
  5. So I was at the tobacco store today buying new coals, and I came across a package of hookah filters. Little things that you put on the end of the hose. Does anyone know what they do?
  6. I have tried it both ways, the cold water gives a much cleaner texture, but the warm water intensifies the flavor.. I can't really decide. Opinions?
  7. So I was watching the ESPN thing when I saw the Detroit Lions not- touchdown- touchdown... I guess when you catch the ball in the end zone its not a TD anymore. Then Stafford's shoulder got jacked. We are cursed!!
  8. How and how often should I clean my hookah?
  9. How do you get it to last? Just keep lighting new coals? one bowl for me usually lasts about an hour
  10. new to these here hookah forums!

  11. Not only is that completely AGAINST the teachings of Jesus Christ, but it's just generally a bad idea and it's going to endanger the Soldiers in the middle East
  12. I am pretty new to the hookah scene, but I LOVE it. My question is simple: How often does everyone here smoke? and when you do, how many bowls do you smoke at one sitting? I generally smoke tuesdays and thursdays when I get home from school and I normally smoke two bowls (my hookah is quite small, the bowl is probably 2/3 inch in diameter.)
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