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  1. there are a few good places you can go to get a good hookah in stl but i only know of two that use natural coals double apple and zaynas, double apple has a good club atmosphere esp during the weekend zaynas is set up more like a cafe, hookahs only ten bucks in the early evening and you can use natural tablets or coco naras all you have to do is tell them which you prefer. zaynas also has a retail selections of many different brands, occationally they get tangiers in on there menu and for retail, might be worth your time to check them out if your a serious hookah person.
  2. maybe these brands are new to me and have been around for awhile, personally im a tangiers smoker but brands new to me: paradise, king molasses, 421 and hard rush. any tried one of those? ive heard news about these new bamboo coals anyone like or dis like these? im just looking for more variety to carry in my store....
  3. advice on packing and poking holes for large tangiers bowl? ive been having issues this week
  4. so within the past six months ive seen quite a bit of new shisha brands popping up and i was just curious if anyone has tried them, what there thoughts are and if they are worth carrying in a retail hookah shop. a lot of coals have been coming on the market too. anyone have insight to this topic?
  5. im looking to make some hookah tobacco for myself and i need suggestions on good brands of tobacco to use, please help me with as many suggestions as possible.
  6. if you live out in or around the west county check out zayna's off manchester and 270 heres a website [url="http://www.zaynas.net/zaynas/index.jsp"]http://www.zaynas.net/zaynas/index.jsp[/url] [quote name='nali' timestamp='1272078424' post='465193'] Okay, so there are four Hookah Bars in Saint Louis, Missouri that I know of: 1st one - Is down by the airport, right off Saint Charles Rock Road..... It's a pretty big Restaurant / Hookah bar. Family owned business, GREAT Hookahs... excellent food. 2nd - Delmar Loop: Layal.... It's a "hip" place to go and just relax, they play a lot of current chart topper songs, they do serve some food, and hookahs are OKAY... 3nd - Delmar Loop: Renoush, VERY Professional bar, they have the best drinks and probably the best hookahs I know of in Saint louis... 4th - Downtown - Washington .... Called Nara, surrounded by nightlife, very fun with large groups... [/quote]
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