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  1. and DUDE I KNOW that video where hes doing the interview with Mario Lopez?? SO kickass, he looks awesome in the suit!
  2. Yeah I still hookah but not nearly as much as i used to, i tried vaping but my sinuses got blocked whenever i did,maybe i need a new filter or whatever.
  3. Idk if i had got the email or not Chris, But HEY it worked out anyways
  4. SO I haven't been active on here since like August last year....and suddenly im getting emails about vaping....maybe its a sign i should be more active on here?? SO HELLO AGAIN!!!
  5. He says he "has something up his sleeve".....I just want a new base. lol
  6. Last night my friend offered to carry my Hookah and for some reason he grabbed it by the stem and picked it up and about 6 seconds later I heard a crashing noise followed by "oh.....fuck.......um........Aaron....?" The base off my 32" Copper Lotus Khalil Mamoon freakin exploded all over his stairs and basement floor. If it had been anybody other than him I would have lost my freakin mind BUT he really cares about his hookahs and Loves Hookah and smoking as much as me. So after a brief cool down outside alone I luckily realized....its just the base I can get it replaced.   The Kicker is, Thursday would have been 4 years ive had that piece and been smoking it.....  
  7. No that's not it, may check it out though! thanks for the help!
  8. ive exhausted all my other resources and I cant find this movie I really wanted to see last year. It as an independent film about the Collective Human Consciousness and how everybody on the planet is miserable and scared, which is why natural disasters are more frequent and severe. In the film they give one of the crew like a level 4 psychoactive drug and videotape his experience in a haunted building. The movie was touring America I want to say around October doing small theaters and showing the film. I Cant find it! i've looked for hours and I know its not a lot to go off of but id appreciate the help.  
  9. What does ICP have to do with anything?
  10. OH HOLY SHIT NO!!! THE WORLD WILL NOT MAKE METAL MUSIC CUTE!!! somebody....Jesus Christ stop this.
  11.     Michael Clark Duncan at least had the presence to play a character like the Kingpin. I've looked at the performances by Michael B Jordan, and I just can't picture him pulling off the role.  I look at it like this, ok now one of the Storms is a step child/adopted(I'm not putting down half sibling because you can't make me believe with their respective pigments that they could share a shared blood line, they are too dissimilar). The studio can't even get the source material right, so what makes you think you can pull off adding something that isn't even cannon to the franchise?   I mean, now Mr.Fantastic is the same age as Johnny and Sue, something I also have an issue with.   It all depends on what version you go with, I wanna say Ultimate Fantastic four is a lot younger? im just throwin that out there idk for sure but some versions may show them at a younger age.
  12. Daredevils' casting was just as bad! everybody talks about how bad Ben Affleck was....but with them Casting Jennifer Garner a Elektra (Elektra is supposed to be Spanish) and Michael Clark Duncan as Kingpin (Kingpin is typically white). A person can argue that Ben Affleck was the best Casting in that movie.
  13. They shake up a lot of shit in Comics, and honestly if its NOT Johnny Storm and they replaced the character all together? NO BIG DEAL imho, like Venom in the comics has "Changed Hands" on more than one occasion and is played by multiple characters. Ghost Rider is too, a lot of different people. I just would like Johnny Storm to Stay the way he has always been. to be fair Im also just glad its not a more dynamic character like Tony Stark or Bruce Banner, so I guess it could be worse. I freaked out more than most people? Hell to the yes, But ive always been a socially awkward individual and Comics (Marvel Comics) has always been there as a constant way to escape, their own personal problems help me relate and forget about my crap for a while.
  14. I completely agree, but with NEW stories, not changing the old ones, its the "Gritty reboot" thing that has me less and less interested in modern movies. No New material is coming out, just remaking old shit but with a modern twist. Like I said lets make MORE black superheroes instead of switching the old one around.
  15. New crowd or no, I like things traditional. If the character is white? leave him white. Can you imagine if they made Tchalla (the black panther) a white dude? or Powerman Luke Cage? The Black community would lose their freakin' minds! there's no WAY that would fly, Not targeting blacks either, he could have been Asian or Hispanic and I would have been just as upset. I don't NEED to "Open my mind" to a thing, I'm a huge comic book fan and I like things they way they are, why not create a couple NEW black characters? im all for more "Ethnic" Superheroes man but theres no reason to change the ones people love, even if your trying to "relate" to a newer generation IMHO   And as far as Making Fury white there's Colonel Fury and there's General Fury. If you search into General Fury....its a SPITTING IMAGE of Samuel Jackson!!!
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