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  1. Products1 xLayalina Premium 250g - Choose 250g Layalina Flavor: Peach$9.951 xLayalina Premium 250g - Choose 250g Layalina Flavor: Blueberry$9.951 xLayalina Premium 250g - Choose 250g Layalina Flavor: Watermelon$9.951 xThree Kings 33mm Box$12.501 xLayalina Premium 250g - Choose 250g Layalina Flavor: Strawberry Kiwi$9.951 xLayalina Premium 250g - Choose 250g Layalina Flavor: Vanilla$9.951 xMNH Scallis Glass Phunnel Bowl Mod$5.95[/size][size="2"]Sub-Total:$68.20Discount Coupons:hookahforum:-$8.57United States Postal Service (1 x 6.5
  2. I know haddad33 said he was going to give free samples, but did anyone actually get them?
  3. well i cut up the tangiers a bit and mixed it up with the Al-Amir before putting it in the bowl. I packed the bowl a little over the rim, but not as much as i do with straight tangiers...it worked very well, nice smooth clouds, with a killer buzz.
  4. if anyone has any pics it would be greatly appreciated
  5. wow everyone says something different about smoking tangiers usually i overfill the bowl and it smokes well so you put it level and mix it, and it smokes well, this is very confusing
  6. do you over fill your bowls when you pack them?
  7. Ok so mix it up before, possibly cut it up a bit. I think i will pack it how i usually do with tangiers.
  8. So, i finally thought i was getting the hang of tangiers, but everytime about 45 mins into my sesh it starts getting thin and harsh. I think this is a problem with heat management, so that wont be to hard to fix. The buzz however is killing me, so i figured i would mix it with something less strong...and here is where my questions comes. When you mix tangiers with something else, in my case Al-Amir do you mix the two things together before putting them in the bowl, or do you layer them. Also do you pack the bowl overfilling it as you normally do with tangiers even though it is mixed? I as
  9. mnhookahs.com is your friend my fellow canuck. I placed an order with him a few months back that included 750g of tabacco, and a MYA 2 hose acrylic, everything arrived safe and duty free, i would highly recomend him...in fact i won't order from anyone else anymore i dont think
  10. will you ship to the canadians up north...we never get any samples
  11. so if i have this mod, and i pack my phunnel apparently my shisha will last longer and taste better? wow well i am convinced to buy one now i have only one question... i finally mastered packing a bowl of tangiers with the phunnel...will this change with the mod in how i pack it?
  12. is there a mod for the small funnel also...does it really make that much of a difference?
  13. would cold water + chocolate sauce work well ( like nesquick) i would be smoking al-amir mocha late, with a little mint...i liked it in the past i imagine this would make for a more chocolate smoke..yes?
  14. I am really a fan of the mocha latte...mmm
  15. i really wish you would ship to canada, i would jump on this deal in a second
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