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  1. 1. Your hedgehog is adorable. 2. I've used Luxors a lot, as they were the only nats available locally for a while. Never had a problem. They were definitely fully lit? I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I still have some left over. I'll keep my eye open for problems if I use them again.
  2. This new store opened up, primarily a roll-your-own organic tobacco store. They have some decent hookahs available, nothing too crazy though. I stopped in, as I often do, to get some coals to hold me over until I can order some online. Today, however, I realized they updated their stock significantly... 1. 108 count Cocomazaya boxes for $9.99. HUH? 2. 250 g tins of Starbuzz for $13.99 (admittedly not my favorite but for the price, of course I will). HUH? 3. The device that I'm not sure I'm allowed to mention that turns the hookah bowl upside down. I hope you all know what I mean. I laughed audibly when I saw it. I talked to the cashier, who clearly had no idea that those prices were not the industry standard. I'm sure the majority of us are used to paying 15+ for Coco brand coals, and at least 20+ for 250 g tins of Starbuzz. I was a little taken aback. I figure I'll capitalize on this while I can.
  3. I still like the way the cheap Egyptian clay bowls smoke. I own a Tangiers small phunnel, and it's a great bowl, and I use it for the Tangiers stuff. Everything else, though, goes in the regular clay bowl that came with my Temsaah. I get great results; it's nice and shallow, heats up quickly, has a nice wide rim to balance the coals on, and the tobacco cooks all the way through. They're only like 4-5 bucks too, better than shelling out 10-15 for the Vortex that gets really inconsistent reviews. I am very interested in getting one of Santino's glass bowls, though. KyIe's mantra: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  4. I was under the impression that Leinie's was merely distributed by Coors, not brewed by them. I know all about the politics of beer, as my dad worked for A-B for 11 or so years. Any brewery that wants to distribute their product nationally almost HAS to go through a major distributor. It's also a balancing act, because micros don't have to be independently owned, but are required to jump through certain hoops to make sure their particular brand doesn't produce more than the specified number of bottles to legally qualify as a microbrewery. And my gripe isn't with Coors beers, mostly the fact that they keep that little nugget of info on the down-low to try and increase their cred with aficionados. Anheuser-Busch, for instance, doesn't hide the fact that they brew Shock Top, which is a pretty comparable beer to Blue moon.
  5. So since I've turned 21, I've been on a search for some of the tastiest beers available (much to the dismay of my wallet). I'm a huge fan of the wheat beers, Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat being my favorite. I was a bit upset when I found out that Blue moon is a Coors beer, mostly because Coors tries to hide that fact to present the beer as a microbrew. I'm also a big fan of the pale ale/ipa variety. I recently tried Dogfish Head's 90-minute and was thoroughly impressed. I'm trying to get my hands on Stone's Ruination ipa, but the local market hasn't been too keen on restocking it. Truth be told, however, I've hardly found a good beer I haven't liked. Anyone else a beer snob? Anyone have some nationally-available suggestions to whet my palate?
  6. I've had two altercations when I was inebriated, and one when I was sober. All three instances, I was not the instigator, but rather the enforcer. For instance, one altercation came after an idiot drunkenly told all of the girls at a party to shut their whore mouths. Rather than let him meet the knuckles of many of the meatheads there, I stepped in and threw him out. I'm one of the most passive people you'll ever meet, but have no problem stepping and ending the situation that is causing the negativity. This being said, alcohol is never an excuse. It's not an excuse for rape, fights, car accidents, bad decisions, etc. etc. etc. It is really pathetic to me when I see someone who can't hold their liquor enough to enjoy the occasion they're attending.
  7. I'm thinking the way you cut down on smoking is to... uh... not smoke as much. I'm not sure what advice you're looking for.
  8. I see a freckled gecko swallowing an uncut baked potato whole.
  9. Currently a BM in Percussion Performance. In the process of narrowing down grad schools for a master's program in Percussion Performance or Music Theory.
  10. Just a little tip: Carve the bowl out, stick it on the stem, cut that hole out so you can smoke through it, and then just stick a piece of steel wool over the single hole. It stops you from having to cut the holes out. That being said, I simply have no idea why people rave about fruit bowls. One crappy bar here does a half a pineapple... boggles my mind.
  11. My dad doesn't care but won't smoke, my mom will puff a few times. And for my sister's 18th birthday on June 12 we bought her the pink boho Mya frankenstein from Hookah Co. I love having an open-minded family. I feel like I really got a lot of good things from growing up in that type of setting.
  12. I've been around the block and tried many brands and flavors. I have my preferences, but I'm becoming a bit stagnant. I need your be all and end all tobacco suggestions. I want to know what you think the most mouth-watering flavor is. Reading the reviews only does so much. I am experienced with Tangiers, and am open to literally any brand or flavor. Thanks in advance!
  13. The community I live in is currently in political turmoil. While it is nothing compared.to the revolution occurring in the middle.east it.certainly puts things into perspective. How wonderful it is to be able to smoke hookah and share thoughts and opinions on this forum. How fantastic it is to make friends here and abroad through the shared pleasure of our hobby. Please don't take it for granted.
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