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  1. [quote name='mitchard' timestamp='1278343163' post='474018'] Trapped Under Ice? Cold World? Trash Talk? b9board? hahaha [/quote] Im guessing thats the bridge 9 board? Ive never been on there haha. What kinda music are you into man? And Hey sorry ive been gone for a long time. Financial issues. But as soon as I can ill post a picture of where my tray sits. But I can tell you now its just egyptian writing etched into it.
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    Romman Mint Hookah: 34" Akhdhar Jamal Hose: non washable hose it came with Using the diffuser Base: tap water Bowl: egyptian Foil: reynolds hd with lots of holes Coals: 3 coco naras Cut: typical romman. Shredded up with some stems here and there. Very wet and sticky. Nicotine: 0.5% Smell: a very strong mint! Whew! Taste: this stuff is easily the strongest mint I've ever smoked. I smoked it with some pals earlier and they mistook the strong mint for harshess. Its great to smoke on a hot day and an amazing mixer. Smoke: nice thick puffy clouds Duration: I usually just smoke until the coals die and stop. So about 45 minutes to an hour. Maybe more, maybe less. I always forgot to keep track. Consensus: this stuff is amazing! For some reason im a huge fan of mint flavors and this one is my favorite. Some people may not like it because its so minty but thats why I love it! This stuff blows al waha mint out of the water. 10/10
  3. [quote name='thecoalition' date='25 June 2010 - 04:41 PM' timestamp='1277502118' post='472846'] yea mustafabey ed hardy was a famous flash artist but the "ed hardy" brand is not actually his. The designer of all the famous dbag clothes is christian audigier. typically the people who wear it are bros, fratties, and guidos. If you see a fake tan...chances are - hardy apparel is to follow. [/quote] I think its kinda sad how this Christian guy is ruining his name, his tattoo stuff is great. I was in auto zone the other day and all I saw were Ed Hardy "Love kills slowly" floor mats and windshield visors.
  4. Here's some pics! Don't get me wrong, it may sound sketchy but it smokes awesome! Sorry for the crappy cell phone quality pics by the way :/ [IMG]http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af64/michaelcassidy/IMG00657.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af64/michaelcassidy/IMG00656.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af64/michaelcassidy/IMG00655.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af64/michaelcassidy/imagejpeg_2jpeg-1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i994.photobucket.com/albums/af64/michaelcassidy/IMG00654.jpg[/IMG]
  5. This hookah lounge is pretty new I think. I went during the day on a weekday so me and the people I was with were pretty much the only people there, but it started to pick up a lot as it got later. This place has a modern theme and even has an ipod dock on a table to plug your ipod in and play your music throughout the whole lounge as you smoke. Though when I was there they had the rapper Pitbull on repeat all...haha. They offer starbuzz and al fakher shisha and their own mixes, which I didn't try. I didn't try the food either but they offer eastern food. Definitely not a bad place though! Our waiter kinda seemed like he didnt know what he was doing when it came to setting the hookah up though... which made me a little sad.
  6. This place is awesome! Genuine mediterrenean (spell check me on that haha) experience. They play indian style music and offer authentic food (hummus, fool, all that good stuff) and even offer chicken fingers and french fries for the picky eaters. They use Al Fakher shisha and Mya hookahs, but I don't know the brand of their 4 hose rotators since I have yet to use one or see one up close. The mixes are amazing! I highly suggest the valdosta vixen. Very deicious! The service is good too and it also has a large outside area so you can relax and smoke outside if the weather is nice!
  7. Hello everyone! I just joined the forum, even though I've been visiting the site for a while because of the awesome review and how to sections. Im stoked to be a part of the forums now. Ill tell you all a little about myself. Im 18, live in jacksonville florida, and have been smoking hookah for a little over a year now. I love playing drums and listening to music, mostly hardcore (bands like Trapped Under Ice, Naysayer, Cold World, Trash Talk, etc. If you're a fan of this kinda music lets talk!). I just recently graduated from high school and im planning on working for the IRS, cus working for the federal government is the way to go in todays economy. Now about my hookah question. For the majority of my hookah career I've been smoking out of a 19" Sahara Smoke hookah which was a total piece of crap, the threads that screw the top half of the stem to the bottom got stripped, whish I fixed by taking a piece of tape and wraping it around to make the threads thicker so it would screw in. And the the top piece where the bowl grommet goes on to put the bowl on completely BROKE in half, which I fixed by getting Gorilla glue made for metals and glued it together...which couldn't be healthy. But I recently bought a new hookah from the mall and this is what my question is about. The people at the mall told me it was a KM tri metal hookah. But when I bought it and brought it home and looked at it close up, im pretty sure it isn't. For one, there are no KM stamps on the tray. And also there was a sticker on the stem that said "Akhdhar Jamal" on it. Im pretty sure its not a KM and was wondering if anybody as heard of this brand? The hookah is built JUST like a KM, its got a solid brass heart, is also made of copper and stainless steel and has a stainless steel downstem. Its got the flared end at the downstem as well, and the curved hose port. Has ANYONE heard of this brand? And does anyone know of the brands reputation and quality of hookah? Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading! Ill attach some pictures when I can.
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