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  1. I'm back after many years playing around as a vaper. Does not look like much has changes except that there is way less people here. Glad to see tangiers is still around. I knew I should have kept my gear.
  2. I would try CLR. That stuff cleans everything.
  3. QUOTE (hmpitags2006 @ Mar 12 2007, 11:43 PM) Boston terriers are my favorite little dog. Also mutts are cool, and I would get one from the ASPCA.+1 on getting a dog from the humane society! That's where I got my English Foxhound cross, and he is the most loving dog you'll ever meet because he apreciates his life more than most dogs do.
  4. Rat terrier. Small and spunky enough to take on a large dog. Nice short hair so they don't shed all over the place and they are very clean little dogs. Great little manly man dogs. And sweet as hell.
  5. QUOTE (Scalliwag @ Mar 12 2007, 10:20 PM) you have to heat copper to work it. Once it is hot with the right tools you can form it. It will still split if you stretch an area too much. I still heat my mods with a torch and toss them into cold water because I think it kills off the properties that can give an off taste if it gets too hot. I use them on my small as well except for with Tangiers. It smokes better without it from my experience so far.Does MN hookah still carry them? I want one for my small phunnel, but I did not see that they had them when I ordered it...and even if they had them right now I guess it would be silly to order just the mod...
  6. QUOTE (hmpitags2006 @ Mar 12 2007, 05:09 PM) It is horrible I had it once, it gave me the worst headache ever.Oh god...I take back everything I said...it's crap. I smoked some tangiers peach directly after dinner tonight, and about then about a half hour ago decided to I needed to smoke again...So I loaded up another bowl of Soex (this time getting all the juices in the bag) to get rid of the stuff. It had a horrid chemical taste and gave me a hell of a headache. I would never willfully smoke this crap again.
  7. Red Tea and Watermelon!!! At least red tea because I'm addicted to the flavor!
  8. QUOTE Palestinian lands No such thing as Palestine so how can there be Palestinian land?
  9. QUOTE (GordonMac @ Mar 12 2007, 04:03 PM) so i take it that soex is nasty crap? Whats it taste like?The orange flavor was actually pretty good! It tasted like oranges. Didn't like the fact that it had no nicotine though...Or that you need to wear work gloves to load a bowl.
  10. QUOTE (rez @ Mar 12 2007, 03:09 PM) hahaha i think it is pretty clever that they would use pig latin. would this make soex even worse for you since you are basically smoking pure sugar?As I understand it the sugar is already removed and you are basically smoking pure cellulose. Who knows what the long term effects of that are! At least we know what tobacco causes...
  11. I managed to get a splinter when loading up a bowl with my free sample. Ugarsay anecay agassebay=a really wierd substance! Sugar cane splinters. ouch!
  12. rattler


    Soex Orange Setup: Cheapo chinese hookah, tangiers small phunnel bowl, quick lite coal Appearance: wood splinters...wetted down with koolaid Smell: Very stron overwellming orange. I could even smell it when I opened my mailbox to pull my sample out. Taste: Hmmm...Very strong at first, but quickly settled into a very faint orange tic tac kinda flavor Smoke: damn plumes and plumes of smoke! Seriously this stuff produced more smoke than anything I have ever seen. Buzz:No nicotine buzz at all (of course it's not tobacco!) Overall: 5/10 (due to lack of buzz) If someone does not want to smoke tobacco for some reason this stuff would be great in which case I would give it a 8/10! No wood chip flavor as the previous reviewer stated in my sample. I would like to thank Smoky 2 Tymes for the free sample and the oppertunity to try this stuff out. Honestly it's not something I would purchase because I love my tobacco buzz, but I found it pleasent none the less.
  13. QUOTE (mazultav @ Mar 11 2007, 10:44 PM) cool zero. Although I was reading one of your old posts about making them and since the 1/2" didnt fit on my phunnel I think I may have a medium. Could you whip me up one? I could cover all costs plus a little bit extra.The 1/2" doesn't fit in my small phunnel either. When I bump it up to a 3/4" it's so tall that I can't get it beat down short enough even after heating it with my torch...I'm pretty sure that you do have a small and not a medium...unless I have a medium as well. LOL
  14. If push comes to shove Backwoods...All the other ones commonly sold in gad stations taste like Sh*t. I do have a gas station about 6 blocks from my house that sells Romeo y Julietta and Punch cigars though so I guess you never know.
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