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  1. Rawr! My dad's a jerk! Rawr! My girlfriend cheated on me! Rawr! Um... that's about all we got... Rawr! Nah it's cool, I liked 'em back in the day too.
  2. Why can't you guys work at different places?
  3. The Teleological Argument for God The chances of our world forming out of practically nothing in a way to sustain intelligent and emotional life were so insanely small that it is actually MORE PROBABLE that a deity exists/existed to facilitate the process than it is that all events were truly random.
  4. QUOTE (AKammenzind @ May 14 2007, 10:48 PM) One cannot prove a negative. A and not A is false. There. I just did it. Where does this belief that we cannot prove negatives come from?
  5. I've never gotten headaches from Al Amir, but my girlfriend says she does occasionally. Try mixing it with some washed stuff. Ooh, and try the Blackberry. Best Al Amir flavor IMO.
  6. That blue base looks a lot like mine from Social Smoke. I wonder if it's the same manufacturer.
  7. QUOTE (PerznPerversion @ May 13 2007, 09:45 PM) QUOTE (The King @ May 13 2007, 06:06 PM) Why don't you like interent explorer? IE is for newbie computers with spyware and low security Truth.
  8. QUOTE (nofrendo @ May 11 2007, 01:30 PM) I believe that government doesn't know what's good for people better than they do, EVER. I really, really doubt you believe that.
  9. ALL GOOD: Al Amir Blackberry with frozen blackberries and a touch of milk in the base SB Irish Cream/Al Fakher Mint with coffee in the base Al Waha Peach with Peach Propel in the base Al Waha Strawberry/Al Waha Vanilla with frozen strawberries and a touch of milk in the base
  10. Hmm. I can tell a difference between the Djarum Vanillas and the Blacks. It's not significant, but the Vanillas seem less clove-y to me, and obviously have a slight hint of vanilla flavor. I prefer the Blacks, but the Vanillas are a nice change of pace (and that way nobody knows who's smoking a clove, so they don't know who to ask for one. )
  11. Djarum Blacks, Djarum Vanillas, Kools Ultralights (it's like smoking Aspen air, haha), Camel Wides. But hookah's still better.
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