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  1. Since I'm 40 I'm wise now right guys..LOL

    1. Chreees
    2. Cp44


      Thought you were 60? jk jk. A wise man once said forgiveness is devine but never pay full for late pizza
  2. [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1338820732' post='548564'] That's awful but I know that if I want Quality Glass I go to CrownHookahs.com because they are absolutely the best and worth every penny! I love all my mouth pieces and bowls I have gotten from Santino and I think they may last forever. [/quote] Exactly what Stuie has said!!
  3. [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1333980797' post='544394'] [quote name='Coyote' timestamp='1333977761' post='544392'] Thanks The tip isn't uncomfortable. I think its feels nice. I prefer the plastic and wood tips over glass and metal. I mean metal is just shitty and uncomfortable and glass is too heavy and you can't bite it. I tend to be a chewer. I'm going to avoid chewing this one though bc its so pretty! yay glitter! [/quote] Yup, too easy..... [/quote] I sooooo thought it Mush but thought nahhh I'll behave this time..LOL nice that we are still on the same wave heheheh
  4. I am now totally convinced, you will not be happy till your shank is one made of pure gold and the vase is made of diamond and the hose is straight platinum..LOL all kidding aside looks great buddy
  5. Awwww cuz you always gotta glitter and shine don't you..hehheh Pretty hose though
  6. Just my opinion of course Aaron, but I had a cousin that I was super close with. Sounds a lot like you and your cousin. He was more of a brother than cuz to me. He would do a lot of stuff like you mentioned and would use me as the cover up. you know the hey I was with Adam thing. Well when it finally got crazy enough for me I had to back away and just love him from a distance. Pretty much what Chris was saying. One thing I have found out in my soon to be 40 years is, you can't help someone that doesn't really want it. Sorry for your situation though buddy.
  7. Reading the forum so I can catch up on what all is going on and what everyone has been up to.
  8. Got some good news today. Cass told me that one of our larger local gas stations are now selling some SB and Fantasia. and yeah for this small town that is good news..lol

  9. Hass you the man!!!! Very nice Cole and hope you get to keep this one brother. A very big congratz on all that has been going on for you
  10. Happy Birthday buddy hope you have an awesome bday bro
  11. [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1332262304' post='542934'] Signed and shared twice... yeah it's that important. [/quote] I'm with Stuie, signed and shared. This is very important imo.
  12. Happy Birthday Lady and may it be great and you have many more
  13. Tony my man welcome back brother!!!! Glad your safe and long time no talk.
  14. Getting ready for some static starlite :)

    1. agunn1231


      howsabout you share with me brotha
    2. NitetimeReign


      sounds good to me swing on by..hehehh
  15. [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1326301755' post='535242'] [img]http://www.neilhillman.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/demotivational-posters-29.jpg[/img] [/quote] Now this is hilarious Stuie..LOL thank you for the laugh buddy
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