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  1. Anyone ever tried these? [url="http://www.hookahshop.co.uk/head-shisha-tobacco-bowl-black-p-1454.html"]http://www.hookahshop.co.uk/head-shisha-tobacco-bowl-black-p-1454.html[/url] Are they a waste of money/time?
  2. After smoking mint flavoured shisha (El Rosha) the next two or three sessions had a definite 'tainted flavour' because of the mint. I washed the bowl, stem, vase etc. very thoroughly. Except for the hoses, as I have leather ones and didn't want to run water through them. I suppose the answer is to have a spare set of hoses only to be used for 'mint' sessions? or maybe use washable hoses? What do you think?
  3. Hi, Thanks for your help. This is the bowl I have [url="http://www.hookahshop.co.uk/aladin-shisha-tobacco-clay-bowl-black-e360-p-1336.html"]http://www.hookahshop.co.uk/aladin-shisha-tobacco-clay-bowl-black-e360-p-1336.html[/url] I'm not sure how to spot what's a good quality bowl or not. Do you have any recommendations?
  4. Oh....and just to add...I always have a small amount of shisha in the bowl and leave about a 2-3mm gap between the foil/charcoal guard. I'v read some other articles about 'heat management' so it might be as simple as taking the coals off every so often? It's a learning curve!
  5. Hi All I'm new to shisha smoking and also new to this forum...so HI ! I recently bought an Aladin hookha and am using El Rosha shisha with Cocobrico coals. I started using two sheest of thick grade foil to start with and found that the bowl got extremely hot and even started to melt the rubber bowl grommet. I rang my supplier and he sent me 'higher heat resistant' grommets. These also melted. The shisha is also black/burned after about 20mins. I started to use a charcoal screen instead of foil. It lessens the heat slightly, but after 1/2 to 3/4 hour the bowl is still so hot everything is burning. I started using 2 coals to start with and then took 1 off after 5 mins. But this didn't seem to make much of a difference. Any Ideas? Is it the quality of the bowl...or is the coal no good? This is the pipe I have [url="http://www.hookahshop.co.uk/fata-morgana-hose-69-cm-black-w362s-p-1655.html?osCsid=cebd704d2084db05b92f87e40d8ebdb6"]http://www.hookahshop.co.uk/fata-morgana-hose-69-cm-black-w362s-p-1655.html?osCsid=cebd704d2084db05b92f87e40d8ebdb6[/url] And these are the coals I use.. [url="http://www.hookahshop.co.uk/cocobrico-pure-natural-charcoal-1kg-72blocks-p-1548.html"]http://www.hookahshop.co.uk/cocobrico-pure-natural-charcoal-1kg-72blocks-p-1548.html[/url] What am I doing wrong?? All help/advice is appreciated!
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