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  1. Joy, check your PM's. Guys, joytons TV DOES NOT have an HDMI port - which means a video card is not going to be of any help. His TV only has Component, Composite, and S-Video inputs.
  2. Also, I seem to be finding conflicting information about your TV all over the interwebs. amazon is saying you have an HD Component, A SD Component, 2 Composite, and 1 S-Video. Over at CNET I see 1 VGA, S-Video, and Composite, and Component. Can you clarify what inputs are actually on your tv? S-Video is the black round one with usually 4 or 9 pins. Component is the Green/Red/Blue input Composite is Yellow/White/Red Input VGA is Blue with 15 pins. HDMI is a small trapezoidal shaped input.
  3. Now if you want my real advice, buy a cheap media video card like so: [url="http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125251"]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125251[/url] Assuming your computer is semi-modern an has a PCIe slot, you can easily hook it up with your TV, and it will look LIGHTYEARS better than an integrated video card. Best of all, 15 bucks after rebate. Free shipping. You only need an HDMI cord that can be found for about 4-5 bucks.Taking a VGA into composite, component is going to result in terribly bad quality - if you get it to work. I've done it before. Unless your running a high end video card, the text will be too blurry to read, and videos/games will look like shit.
  4. These guys are kinda giving you false information. 1. VGA is an analog signal. 2. HDMI/DVI are digital signals. It is IMPOSSIBLE without a converter box to take an analog signal and dump it into a digital input. The reverse is possible. You CAN take a digital signal and dump it into a analog input. You will need something like this to truely convert a VGA signal to an HD HDMI input. [url="http://www.amazon.com/Aluratek-AVH100F-HDMI-Converter-Adapter/dp/B002FJLEP4/ref=sr_1_16?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1290199955&sr=1-16"]http://www.amazon.com/Aluratek-AVH100F-HDMI-Converter-Adapter/dp/B002FJLEP4/ref=sr_1_16?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1290199955&sr=1-16[/url] Secondly, Taking a VGA into composite, component is going to result in terribly bad quality - if you get it to work. I've done it before. Unless your running a high end video card, the text will be too blurry to read, and videos/games will look like shit. If you really want to watch stuff on your tv, your going to want something with an HDMI or DVI output that you can simply plug into your TV. That being said, after you get everything plugged in and set on the right inputs, ect.. 1) Right click your desktop 2) Click "Screen Resolution" 3) In the panel that appears, click "detect in the right upper corner." If your TV is compatible with your video card, it should show up now. 4) PIck a resolution. Only compatible ones should show up. According to amazon, your tv takes 720p so a good bet would be to try 1280X720. 5) You should select or check the box that says "Make this my main display." 6) Hit apply. 7) If it doesn't work, wait 15 seconds, win7 will reverse the settings. 8) Try again with a different resolution.
  5. Damn, I love catan. Fucking sweet game.
  6. I have not been online much which is why I didn't see this thread, but I think the multiplayer sucks balls. Not going to lie. Covenant sniper is broken. Energy Sword is broken. Pistol still sucks. DMR...WTF I want my battle rifle back. Anyways, I went to BB at 11:00 PM. Was one of the first in line, got my copy of the game and a free 20$ giftcard. (schweet) I played 1 level of the campaign with two of my friends on live - went to bed because of 9 AM classes. Then the next night, my friend brought his 42 inch LCD, my other friend brought his 25.5" computer monitor and I have my 42 inch LCD. So we had 3 xboxs and 3 tvs. It was a bomb set up. Anyways, from about 5 PM to 3 AM we powered through the entire campaign on heroic. Anyways, my GT is porksandwich911. I've already moved back to modern warfare 2 because I really can't stand the halo:reach multiplayer. (To be honest) But I regularly play MW2, COD4, Halo 3, Reach (a bit), and Rockband 2. So if you guys play any of that, just add me as a friend, and send a text message saying who you are on the forums and we can kill some bitches together.
  7. Not everything works for every person. There isn't like an exact formula or anything, cause of too many variables. Shisha Bowl Hoses Stem Base Amount of Water/ Liquid in Base How much you draw/airflow Ambient Temp ect.. And so forth... Generally, what I got to work the best. Coconaras + Phunnel. I cut the coco in half, and rotate both pieces in 90 degree increments around the top of the phunnel. I usually move them every 10-15 minutes or so. This helped prevent the torching charcoal harsh taste, while still giving me plenty of smoke to enjoy. Some other tips, double layer of foil. Try a half of a coco nara at a time. And to be honest, you might not realize how huge your smoke is at times.
  8. [quote name='Venger' timestamp='1285029838' post='482656'] Peace,What is it? A lack of war? Maybe getting your way? letting other get theirs? maybe. After 46 years on the planet I have decided peace is an illusion. The lie we tell ourselves to sleep at night. History has taught us there are two types of people. The conquerors and the conquered. This of coarse is overly simplified but that is what we have seen. The reason the peace that we had with the USSR lasted as long as it did is the assured destruction of both sides. But now we have new players. They don't care if they are destroyed in the process. You can't make deals with this mentality Lets start with the premise that your enemy wants you dead or enslaved. You ask them not to kill you.They say NO. You ask what you can do for them so they will not kill you,their answer is nothing,they want you dead and that is all. How about we leave you alone? NO you must die. OK how about we let you kill 1/3 of us but you let 2/3 live.NO all of you must die. How can I stop you from killing me. You can't unless you kill us first. Your not fighting a person or a people,your fighting an idea.you can not negotiate with an idea. We see this all the time in history. How many tribes here in America,Africa or The middle east. I don't really no where I am going with this just putting it out there to chew on. Ray [/quote] Peace is understanding. It's the ability to look far past your own beliefs & knowledge and understand and embrace one others. It is understanding that between muslim, jewish, hindu, christian and everything in between we are all humans. It is understanding that between black, white, red, brown, and everything in between we are all humans. We are the same. We are ONE people. Lets start with the premise that your enemy wants you dead or enslaved. WHY? Why? Because you have a different faith? You have a different belief system? Your skin is a different color? Your culture is different? What is their logical, evidence backed up, empirical data supported reason? If they don't have one, then something is wrong. Some logic based thought process that should tell them what they are doing is wrong. Something that 99.5% of all the people in the world have, that .5% of radical people are missing from their gene pool. What you ask? Intelligence. Intelligence leads to understanding. Understanding leads to tolerance. Tolerance leads to acceptance. Acceptance leads to embracing. Without that intelligence step you will stay an ignorant moron for your entire life. And that we why this world is not at peace. People are too fucking stupid.
  9. finally pulled through this stuff called a shitload of reading and homework.

  10. Nice. If I get my hands on a decent camera I'll grab a picture of my hookah cabinet. I only have 1 of my hookahs (2 total) and about 3/4th the shisha. My girlfriend and I both paid for some of the stuff, so she keeps some at her place & one of the hookahs.
  11. These guys got it right. Starbuzz, AF, Social Smoke, AW, Romman, Ect,ect... Don't last too long unless you have practiced with the specific brand and know how to make the coals and shisha last. Tangiers does last forever. I find myself getting bored of the flavor when I smoke it sometimes. Anyways, I generally smoke 5-7 days a week. And about 7-10 bowls a week. More when I have tons of homework. I find myself smoking while writing a paper, or programming on my computer. It helps me stay relaxed and my mind calm. Good ol nicotine.
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