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  1. Some KMs just rattle I've found. It does seem to be less if you've got a nice, tight seal between the stem and vase like my trimetal does, but my double pear always rattled a bit because it wasn't a super tight fit.
  2. Prince Hookah Lounge and Cafe Lexington, KY I've been to this lounge several times over the past 2 years. My first few experiences with hookah were all at this lounge, smoking out of the Mya hookahs that were at one standard. Since then, all hookahs have been upgraded to Khalil Mamoon and Magdy Zidan, I'm pretty sure they went as far as to sell all the used Myas as I haven't seen a single one in the past few months.The atmosphere is very quiet and relaxed during the day, usually with middle eastern music playing and customers here and there scattered about the room. During the weekends Pr
  3. Lexington KY here. UK campus
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