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  1. I don't know if any of you have this app, but an app was created where you could type in all the different ingredients and alcohols you had, and it would tell you all the different types of mixed drinks you could make. This way, you knew all the interesting possibilities you had with the little resources you had. I thought it would be cool (though highly not likely to be able to happen) to have a page on here where we could do this with shisha mixes. A Shishatender, instead of a virtual bartender. Say I had Pineapple, pomegranate, lime, coconut and orange shisha but (for some reason, I must be an idiot) I didn't know what to do with them to make them more interesting,. I select 5 different shisha flavors from 5 different drop down lists I own, and hit submit, with a new page coming up giving me various options. Pina colada, pineapple orange, lime orange, lime and coconut, etc. Users could submit shisha mixes into the database all the time, constantly increasing the library of ideas. Admins and mods could add flavors into the drop downs if they weren't available if necessary. Just an idea, more a fun thought than an actual suggestion, but who knows, maybe it's possible! Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?
  2. Lol spock and drag queen... Time to smoke. Melon.
  3. Fail on my friend's reaction. Imagine if you spilt hog's blood on a flamboyantly gay man. That's the idea.
  4. Drunk friend Trevor: "HEYGYEYG, I WANNA SAY BYE TO YOU GUYS, GIMMIE A HUG!" Me: "No. You're drunk. You're going to tip over my hookah." Drunk friend Trevor: "No. NOOO. No I promise I won't, cmon, trust me." Me: "I'm still saying no, but something tells me you're going to ignore me and huge us anyways." *Trevor stumbles over knocking down my hookah from the table, splashing coals all over my friend Josh's croch. Josh with the coal catchin' crotch: [CODE] <a href="http://www.gifbin.com/983974"><img src="http://www.gifbin.com/bin/032010/1267527853_old_guy_going_crazy.gif" alt="funny gifs" /></a> [/CODE] Me: [img]http://i55.tinypic.com/wvph15.jpg[/img] The End.
  5. That's like trying to decide if you should eat a sandwhich with two pieces of shit covered modly bread, just cause you got the two pieces of bread for free. ESPECIALLY when you have a brand new loaf sitting right next to you. You crazy, dawg.
  6. I could go ahead and post every individual link to all the major and minor studies, but this here is your main tool for info on hookah vs. cigs. The "I'm Tired" thread started with a email battle I had with a health rep from my college, and it only evolved from there. This thread had a lot of time and thought put in by MANY people, including myself. You'll find a lot of useful information in here. http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/40159-im-getting-really-tired/page__hl__%2Bi%26%2339%3Bm+%2Btired__fromsearch__1
  7. All it takes is for 30 of our most devoted members to donate 400 dollars to the cause. Some of us spend that kind of money on hookah stuff in a matter of months!
  8. Well, ya'll know the drill. I don't sell anything I wouldn't want to buy used, any problems you find upon recieving though there won't be any will result in a full refund, free shipping back, blah blah blah. But you don't want to know about that. Got an iTouch 8gb 3G for a birthday gift, but I don't ever use it. It's prboably been used a total of about a week since I recieved it new in May, 2011. Screen is in perfect, pristine condition. The metal back on it is scratched, but not much. Abotu as much as you think it would be for a weeks worth of use. Comes completely cleaned of my ever using it, so no need to worry about hearing my enya and michael buble music. Haha. Comes with USB charger, all the manuals etc I recieved with it, the clear hard case to hold it in the box when I got it (this is not a travel case fyi, just the case for selling), headphone jack and charger port work just fine, nothing broken. It's basically new, just has some wear on the back where the metal is, you know, you've all seen your friends with one. Again, I don't sell anything I would be disappointed with if I were you, I just never use the damn thing and I need cash to get started in my new apartment. Pictures upon request, PM or text/call for more info 8599123884
  9. [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1313482977' post='519994'] +1 for dave for managing to post 300 times in the most useless thread. [/quote] Is it really 300? Wow... These threads always grow up so fast... :')
  10. I don't buy multi-hose hookahs. Really good multi-hosers will have built in check valves so you don't have to thumb the tip while others smoke, something to look into.
  11. HAEBURFDAE. TC is gonna be fun tonight. Enjoy your big day, buddy.
  12. +1 rep to Iain for being proud of being pretty.
  13. Imma Muthafuckin monsta. WITH A CAPITAL M IN MUTHAFUCKIN.
  14. I gave you your first rep point. <3

  15. Welcome, Demonsarn. Read the rules, and try not to fuck up. I won't put up with it.
  16. Looks like he's seeing some awesome stuff! I miss Mike too, Chris...
  17. This is strange.... Someone attracted to Iain?
  18. [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1313181097' post='519674'] [quote name='TheyCallMeDave' timestamp='1313115880' post='519569'] I don't bribe or beg anymore. I just know people will rep this post, just because. Why? Cause. [/quote] Not all of us [/quote] *Waves hand* You DO want to give me rep points. Because.
  19. I will be attending, with drinking as welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! Happy early BurfDae, it'll be a good one!
  20. You've inspired me to go have a session outside on the deck. Hopefully it's as good as this.
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