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  1. The only way it would work would be to pack it high and pack it tight around the edges of an egyptian, emulating a tangiers superchief bowl. This would leave the phunnel like appearance of the tobacco, whilst leaving the center holes of the bowl completely open to airflow.
  2. Clayton and I are trying to get a hold of Khalil Mamoon for a banner to hang at HookahPaloozah. The main issue is, for any of you that have been on the Khalil Mamoon site, it's just a big jumble. Lots of glitter graphics and bad links. Would anyone happen to know how to get in contact with a KM rep or KM Customer Service? Someone we could talk with about this? Thanks in advance, Dave & Clayton
  3. He seems like an honest member with good intentions, but blatantly mentioning hard drugs is an infraction of our few, simple yet important rules, no matter what the context. I have hopes he'll return with the rules under his belt, I'd like to see him back.
  4. Although we don't plan on using this as the dreaded intro we said we'd never use, I thought it'd be fun to mess around and make a Double Trouble Hookah Review PROMO VID!!!! :DDDDDDD This is the result of a sleepy reviewer at 3-7 am. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYKhWNGCFB8
  5. Short, one minute video on base. Had some things I wanted to say. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmH5bJ2xIxo
  6. Things this could better serve as: 1. A vase. 2. Goblet of Fire. 3. Holy Grail. 4. Ceremonial urn holding one of the cursed remains of Imhotep's reanimated lover, Annascunamon. 5. A much better place to hold the fountain of youth for the Tuck family. 5. The bowl Edwina SHOULD have been put in. Had she been in this nice, sturdy KM bowl, she wouldn't have to be put "back in bowl" In all reality, I much prefer glass bases, over ANY other.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpl0UDKY-vw
  8. Well I tell ya what, this british guy is up there with Alec Baldwin, The "Not Morgan Freemon but sounds and acts kinda like Morgan" AllState guy and William Shatner on the "Wow, he makes me wanna buy it because he's so damn swag" list.
  9. AT and Rom. Are indeed made by the same people. It's supposed to be their Econo line. However, I find that it's a little too econo for me. Very wet, very choppy. However, this might be due to me buying 50g boxes of it when I tried it. Keep in mind that you posted this Aug 08, 2010 and I'm almost positive that AT was released to the public after this date. Not only that, but assuming the lounge has been using the same peach flavor for past years, I don't see how AT could be an option. I am going to ave to agree with the 2010 Arcane and say... WTF GUYS? Throwing out fantasia, layalina, and AF guesses? Cmon now. It's not about what it kiiiiinda looks like, or WOULD look like if it were as red as the brand... My only guesses are that It might be romman, it might be a brand that you don't think it is but they add their own flavoring to such as nakhla, or you are wrong and just need to grip the reality that these jerks (for whatever reason they are jerks) truly DO make their own stuff.
  10. http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/11575-so-you-want-to-start-a-hookah-lounge-updated/ Make sure to check up on all stickied threads in the hookah/serious/general discussion forums.
  11. [size=3][b]Trade closed for requested renewal.[/b][/size]
  12. [b][size=2][size=3]Trade closed for requested renewal.[/size][/size][/b]
  13. Please read ALL of the "So you want to start your own hookah bar" thread. Any further questiosn can be answered by Mushrat, our local Admin/Hookah bar expert.
  14. This post will be edited immediately following posting, to add the number "1,111" <<<here, seeing as I didn't look at my post count before coming to the bottom of this thread. Some of you might be saying, "Well why don't you just look at a previous post in the thread?"...Cause I'm already down here. Bitch. Some of you might be saying, "Well in the time it took you to write all this, you could have gone and checked, plus adding an edit into the equation will simply slow you down even more!" Well, that is a valid point. I still don't give a rat's ass, however.
  15. What, we don't like My Little Pony here? Oh...
  16. The biggest difference for me you'll notice is quality difference. This stuff is gonna rock your socks off. It's like smoking for the first time again.
  17. [quote name='S3cretz' timestamp='1315078581' post='522504'] [quote name='joytron' timestamp='1315077782' post='522501'] I think a more appropriate use would be holding ashes. [/quote] IS that a threat [/quote] ?
  18. Why the poopy is no one is TC!?!? It's 11:16 EST time guys, that's TC PRIMETIME! JEEZ!

  19. Why the poopy is no one is TC!?!? It's 11:16 EST time guys, that's TC PRIMETIME

  20. I used to have a ball python named Maximus. He was a great snake, loved having him around, until he escaped one night, and was found by my mother in her panty drawer... To make a long story short.... God rest his soul. Lol. I miss Maximus, but he went down in the name of animal comedy. My life will never be the same.
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