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  1. I think since I don't know much about legalities of copyrighted material, I'll just give a more point-of-view, opinionated response. I would have to keep it simple and agree with Jorly. TV show tastes are in my opinion, even more different and vast than music. Plus, woudl you plan on having music and the tv at the same time? The background noise of a tv or music is for sheer atmosphere. Having just music works fine, but having only tv which appeals to at worst case scenario a 1/4 of your crowd, or both, which in my opinion is just too much background noise, is going to hurt you more than benefit you. (Sorry, I know I said this was going to be kept simple)... Form someone who doesn't run a lounge but helps run a large hookah event, I had half of my crowd leave in the middle of a musical performance all due to the subject matter of the musical material he had. Things like TV and music are a lot more complicated when catering to guests. Saudies like Arabic/Iraqi beats, where are your run of the mill frat boy likes raw rap. You have to find a middle ground, and TV isn't the way to go. my .03 (Just to outdo Mush...teehee).
  2. Very interesting. Not a huge fan of wood tips myself, I feel like most of the materials for wood tips have a distinct taste which I don't enjoy. However I've never used a bamboo tip/hose before, so I can't knock it till I've tried it. I have seen a lot of people beginning to pick up the tonic washables though, seems to be a up and coming cheap washable. Welp, if ya like it, then have at it! Congrats on the find.
  3. Probably not an elmas, the hose doesn't look like anything they carve/sew. Still, gorgeous lil pipe you have there! Congrats on a great buy.
  4. Survey taken. Also, as interested as you are on the topic, I would look into the dangers of cigarette smoking vs. hookah smoking in the "I'm getting really tired" thread in hookah discussion forum. Good luck!
  5. Welp. I was gonna make some comments and help out... Butttttt. You guys seem to have help our friend out to the max. Nice job guys. EDIT: When it comes to Al Fakher Grape... AF Grape USED to be a staple in most (including mine) smokers collection.. However, now it has become a most foul taste and I would never recommend it unless you want a nice strong KETCHUP taste along with your hotdog meal (no kidding, it LITERALLY tastes like ketchup)
  6. Well, this has been pretty much beaten more than a dead horse... But yeah, you would have to try really hard to ruin your windcover. Also, props to you for smoking hookah in your toddler age. Not many people can say the same. (please note the sarcasm).
  7. I'm glad you got tangiers to smoke correctly for you. I know the first time I tried it, I was farrrrrrrr from getting it perfect (tried to cheat the system and improperly pack a Egyptian bowl; didn't work out so well), bu once you get it, your life is changed forever. In the words of Chris, welcome to the dark side!
  8. Not only is this a good idea, but it already exists. However, you need 5 confirmed/approved posts to access this particular thread. I'm pretty sure it's 5, but they might have changed it (Look at me, a mod for the forum and I can't even remember the number of posts). Bottom line, yes, this does exist and is allowed. However, you'll need to be a little more involved with the forum before that's an option Welcome to the forum, by the way!
  9. I asked for a free sample purely for the fact that I love the feeling of getting things in the mail to open and unbox.
  10. Leaves HookahForum in such a strange, irritating and unexpected way. [i]"Danman,[/i] [i]My name is TheyCallMeDave, a fellow moderator and member of HookahForum. It's customary for HF give all HF members a right to know why they are being banned/suspended, so you as a HF member have the right to know. Coming into TinyChat on the 21st of September early morning, you showed video feed of HookahJohn, a banned member and vendor of HF. This could have been talked about and worked out without a banning, but having you immediately leave after doing this is considered blatant instigation among our members on topics we are successfully moving past.[/i] [i]Feel free to email myself, any of the Moderators or our Administrators about the issue.[/i] [i]Regards,[/i] [i]TheyCallMeDave"[/i] I bid you Adieu, Danman116.
  11. [quote name='Tyler' timestamp='1316383405' post='524330'] People care because hookah is an art form. Just like when you drew your first picture as a child, and now when you draw something you know when it is wrong or could be better. Same as hookah, your circles were more deformed squares and now you can trace the sun without a compass. It is the know-how that makes hookah that much better. The capacity for bliss has been elevated and the desire to breach that level is ever growing. [/quote] I suppose I have to piggyback with what Tyler said and conjoined with my previous statement, I agree with Tyler. It seems like what you're saying is that the reason you enjoyed not having complex hole patterns, new coals, a more meticulous prep system, etc is because you enjoyed the simplicity of hookah smoking back in the day. Well I don't know about you, but a meticulous setup with careful watch and concentration is what makes hookah so special for me. I enjoy knowing what I'm doing wrong, and how to improve. Ignorance is bliss, but not in this case, for me anyways.
  12. [quote name='Tyler' timestamp='1316382743' post='524327'] I'm pretty epic at euchre [/quote] Challenge accepted.
  13. Huh? I don't agree at all. From the time I started smoking hookah when I was 15 (sue me) Till now, I always enjoy hookah in my life more that day than I did the last. I suppose the reasoning behind that is, knowing that I know as much as I know now, with all the brands, flavors, pipes, hoses, etc I've tried, there's still so much more out there to give myself the session I will envy I didn't enjoy the day before. What you mourn is what I treasure, the never ending growth and expansion hookah will have. Never will I have the right to say I've exhausted all hookah smoking has to offer. (EDIT): Let me also state that this scenario is comparable to the ongoing issue of "Back in my day" and "things aren't how they used to be with you youngin's". The only difference, is that when things change, bad brands and faulty articals come out, nothing changes for the ones that see hookah as it truly is. This isn't like the smoking scene changing, where everyone has to change with it like the change in kids or the country with age. Hey, if all you want to smoke is Al Fakher and Nakhla, throw in some dokha and tombac, have at it. Nothing is keeping you from staying traditional and away from what you learned to know and love. A perfect example is Chris (Hassouni). That man is more attached to his traditional female stem pipes than anyone I have ever seen, yet he's surrounded by the modern hookah lifestyle everyday. It's all a matter of sticking to your guns, letting people do as they please, and making the best out of what is (has, is and always will be) still available.
  14. I know I can't be the only Euchre freak on this forum... Come on out guys, it's okay! I think we should find out who plays, and then schedule a play date on pogo/yahoo/flyordie. Anyone down? I'm ready for a loner...
  15. Tangiers noir Kashmir Peach and Indian Summer, 50 50 mix. Delicious.
  16. Well, getting into the ice/warm/cold water debate... The only time I ever use ice is when I'm in my garage at 95+ temperatures, knowing that the ice just makes it even to a nice, slightly cool water temp. Do I recommend using ice? Depends. Ice in the base will cool the smoke down even more than usual, slowing down the molecules of the smoke, causing light to not pass as easily through the clouds (AKA, THICKER clouds, I can't say they are bigger or smaller, that's all based of technique.) When it comes to sheer flavor, knowing that I can operate a hookah rather well, I really don't give a shit. Water straight from the tap does me just fine, so you can call "Straight from the tap to my base" water whatever temperature you wish to call it. NOW, ON WITH THE ORIGINAL POST.... I don't think water is your issue. Do I think it's hindering your flavor with ice water? Probably, but not enough to warrant your problem. [b][u]Packing: Quantity/technique[/u][/b] If you don't have shisha touching your foil, chances are you don't have enough tobacco. Now wait, don't start fretting HF, I didn't say it needs to. I'm saying, 9/10, foil will touch your shisha if packed properly, or at least CLOSE to packed properly. Since I'm assuming you are using a regular (cupped with holes on bottom) bowl, make sure you pack it loosely. This is key in smoking Al Fakher out of a standard bowl. [b][u]Shisha "Grinding"?[/u][/b] I noticed in your post that you said you were attempting to "grind" your shisha? I don't know exactly what this means, but I can tell you it's not needed. Just pull apart the large clumps until you get a nice, leafy texture. Plop it in the bowl with a few pats of the finger, and do this until the shisha is level with the rim of the bowl. [b][u]Your coal usage[/u][/b] As most have said, one coconara coal is definitely not enough. I mean yeah, I'm sure you could get decent smoke out of it, but two will do you MUCH nicer than one. Two coals on either side of the bowl and you're set on coals. Also, I noticed you posted that you said "pretty red/ash". Make sure, that they are glowing red. They should have the same, even GLOWING HOT orange/red consistency ALL over. A little blackening is to be expected, since they can't heat up on ALL sides at the same time. But they still need to be pretty fuckin' red. [b][u]Misc. Comments[/u][/b] [b]Foil: Shiny side or dull side? -[/b] I could explain to you why this doesn't matter, but I'm just asking you to trust a HF veteran. IT DOESN'T MATTER. Do as you please. [b]Shisha Juices: [/b]Although it shouldn't make enough of a difference for you to go from not tasting to getting a successful session, every little bit counts; Make sure to mix up the shisha so the juice in the bottom of the tub isn't sitting there, and instead all over your shisha you're putting in your bowl. That's all.
  17. [quote name='Burning' timestamp='1315953136' post='523725'] I've been looking at a mini butane torch. Runs about $10 at Home Depot and is like a pen version of the one that H-S.com sells. Anyone tried such a thing? The reviews at H-S claim that the other version works exceedingly well. [/quote] Lighting coconut coals with a butane pencil torch (or even an industrial blue canister torch) would be like trying to make fire with a toothpick and a piece of cloth
  18. TC Session after a difficult, taxing day. Currently 7:27 EST,

  19. I'm enough of a fruit for my hookah, I don't need any more. The thing is, when it comes to bowls, they cook. The bowls char and grill, so you have to ask yourself, what fruit would I enjoy if it had been grilled? Most people think of pineapples, and pineapples definitely have a unique, tangy taste when used as a bowl. However, things like apples? No one wants grilled apple, let alone apple burned by coals. Whatever you use, you will taste that fruit as a cooked fruit flavor along with your shisha. Visuals aren't everything, something to keep in mind.
  20. Hot plates rarely, mostly never work. You want a coil burner, no thought needed, hands down. Your best place to find a coil burner would be Walgreens. If they don't have one, check all your local "big" stores. Groceries, Sam's Club, possibly Home Depot/Lowe's, you get the idea. They typically range from about 13-18 dollars and will work just fine, no need to pay 25 or over unless you truly want to. Happy Hunting, Dave
  21. This thread is so ridiculous. I can't believe it's come this far.
  22. Buzz - Take 10 deep breathes over and over really quickly and then stand up CO poisoning - Take 15 shots of everclear and then smash your head into a brick wall
  23. Wow... 28 years old already! Time sure flies... Happy belated wishes, hope it was awesome.
  24. AF lemon with some left over Shiazo steam stones mint juice lathered around the inside of the bowl. Pretty good, but the mint doesn't really come out like I thought it would.
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