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  1. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the info. I don't solely care about the buzz, but i enjoy a bit of a buzz and the complexity of the tobacco flavours. I think I will start buying online, and yes I am quite sketchy about ordering shisha with my credit card. Is there any prepaid allternatives in Canada? (Never used one)
  2. Hello Hookah Forums! I'm pretty new to Hookahs/Shisha and ive been smoking quite a lot since I bought my first Hookaha. I just have a bunch of questions to ask and i'd like to mention a few things i've tried. I live in Canada so everything to do with Hookahs is EXTEREMELY overpriced, so there isnt much I can do about it. I bought my hookah from a local Smoke Shop for around $60, and trust me it was not worth it. (Pics soon!). My first question is about the water in the vase. I have tried putting different kinds of tea (Steeped, then iced) into the vase which has shown amazing results. It really adds to the flavour. For example, I put iced mint tea in the vase and my smoke had a nice minty aftertaste. Would you reccomend doing this? or should I just stick to regular cold water? My second question is about mixing herbal and Tobacco shisha together in the bowl. When I first started, the only thing I had to smoke was soex brand herbal shisha which was terrible. My friend introduced me to Nakhla tobacco, but I found it to be very expensive ($10 for 50g) at the local Smoke Shop. Could i possibly mix the Nakhla with a better brand herbal shisha such as Salaam and still get a slight buzz and great taste? Also, I found the pipe tobacco is a lot cheaper than shisha tobacco. Would i be able to buy some pipe tobacco ($15-$20 for 300g) and mix it in with some herbal shisha or smoke it by itself without too much harshness? Thanks, Appreciate any help!
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