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  1. I have had issues with my neighbor as well although they are dog related issues. The neighbor has a few dogs, one of which is a pitbull mix. I am a huge dog lover and hate how breeds are stereo typed but this pit is just the meanest thing ever and possibly one of the most stupid dogs with the exception of my others neighbors dog who broke its leg by tripping over a hole it dug in the yard. poor newfie Recently the pitbull was off its lead for some reason or another and nearly bit one of my family members. (it tried to bite the arms but luckily the person knew to hide them from the dog and get away) The neighbors got a call and were told they need to keep that dog on a lead or else its eventually going to bite some one and no one wants that. They responded by saying my 120 pound akita antagonized their dog into doing so even though he wasnt present when the incident occured. neighbors are stupid. In my case they cant understand that a dog not present isnt going to cause problems. They obviously missed the point that having a mean dog of any breed off a leash is a huge liability. finaly they missed that their 40 pound dog is going to become a snack of my 120 pound dog if their dog ever tries to attack me while i am walking it. My dog has strong famlie ties, he is very mellow and loves all people but as an akita he is protective. if you have ever been an akita owner you know what i am talking about. The key is to just ignore them and not start fights. if they persist as you ignore them file a harassment charge with the records you have kept. starting a pissing match is for the cold hearted folk who sap pleasure from being in the conflict. I might be one of those people but if its draining in the slightest its a terrible idea all around. actually, its just a terrible idea in general and bad for your well being and health but then but then again everyone indulges in things they technically shouldnt.... [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/Hookah.gif[/img]
  2. you think shisha is bad try dealing in airsoft... ship fast and use a vague description. the faster you ship the less likely the problems. i would try 2nd day air or over night for best results. if its labeled as tobacco still or they have his shipping location flagged your probably SOL.
  3. I will be upfront, i have not read the bill. i have read more myth then reality without a single doubt in my mind but i am forming an opinion based on something i do know and thats the industry i am involved in, Insurance. Insurance companies operate on a simple concept, loss ratio. when people claim x in any given class you need to charge x + operating costs just to break even. most insurance companies tend to usually have less then a 5% profit margin and they are very excited if they see anything over 5%. Insurance breaks people into different classes and attaches a rating factor to any given client that is in correlation to the risk tied in with insuring that client. thats why it costs more to insure an 18 year old male driver over a 21 year old male driver. insurance companies deny coverage because a risk becomes to great. We had a women who had a liability claim that went for over a quarter of a million. no matter how many years an insurance company had her they would never break even so no one wanted to write her. the same thing applies for health insurance, if some ones risks are to great the insurance company would deny them because the company knew it did not have a program which would remain profitable for that potential insured. perhaps cruel but a business is still a business and it does no good to anyone if it doesnt stay afloat. now if insurance companies suddenly couldn't stop from insuring those high risks how much harder do you think it would be to become profitable overall without increasing the premiums on other customers? now take that and on top of it add a bunch more people who don't even pay into the company but the company has to pay them out. they will be a wide demographic of varying loss categories. now on the flip side some things get better. you get some money from people not in your company and in theory all medical payouts should go down because of stiffer regulation. Think said insurance company is ahead of the game or going to be sorely lacking? All the predictions in the world wont tell you the real answer and i know this from watching insurance companies come out with new rates ever other year. nothing pans out like the charts say it will and those are charts and companies not muddied by political slander unlike this thing. From my insurance experience I see the same thing happening which happens to all things in insurance. You look at the charts, you come out with a new plan that will save customers lots of money and then you release it. About a year to two years later after growing really fast you realize you were totally wrong on a couple of the classes and charging to little and now you had to flex file and suddenly premiums change across the board by 5-10% on average but some classes will see as much as 10-20%. will premiums be cheaper when it releases? i have no doubt in my mind. will it stay that way? most likely not for more then a year or two, defiantly less then five.
  4. good to see this new exercise program is working for you stuie. I tend to get back onto my personal plan of cutting out the fast food and doing sporadic exercise as much as possible to boost my metabolism but i am young and not very over weight at 5'10 and 185.
  5. done, they have no excuse to be exempt from things they put into place
  6. alright i tried acclimating it to see if that would fix it and the answer is no. I then had a friend who is a smoker over and subjected him to it and he loved it. Upon testing everyone else in the group smokers handled it no problem and generally liked it but all non smokers just couldnt do it what so ever. I think in the end it really is that tangiers is just to strong in its niccotine levels for people who dont smoke very much and have no prior smoking experience of other things. tangiers is just to strong I am going to try and cut it with some tea leaf style shisha with no niccotine to balance the crazy high levels.
  7. chili paste is amazing on food but i feel the best answer was to put it in the water. i think it would work good with a kashmir
  8. rani, poor wording choice i suppose. the senate and the house of rep obviously did pass this and they share in that. by saying he wanted to pass it i know he has spoken in favor of this. no i dont believe he is some sole culprit on this or whatever crazy stuff people believe our presidents to be. it had to pass a lot of people before it fell onto his desk but regardless of that he still wants it approved. is it a his fault if he signs it in? only a very small percentage. is he partially at fault? yes. You are a fan and i am not of the man. I am not a fan because we see differently on some issues. Does that mean he cant do a good job without agreeing with my beliefs? no. I feel he has done well under the circumstances all things considered. does that mean i like him if he continues to do well? nope.
  9. I dont know how big this is on a national level but obama is looking to pass on a ban onto the senecas in western new york. Basically he is going to force the senecas to pay taxes like everyone else in ny (i tried to keep that as unbiased as possible) article: [url="http://www.buffalonews.com/2010/03/17/990680/house-vote-sends-cigarette-mailing.html?page=2#comment"]http://www.buffalonews.com/2010/03/17/990680/house-vote-sends-cigarette-mailing.html?page=2#comment[/url] Now i am a resident of WNY, I obviously suffer from the repercussions of lost state revanue. That said i think this law is garbage. We gave them the right to sell tobacco with no tax in a treaty and we should honor it. its breaking another treaty with these guys which is just unfair. I dont even buy anything from the res simply because its out of my way and last time i checked they dont sell shisha. The only argument i have heard is "well kids are getting cigarettes". I dont even want to get started on my tirade about how i feel about the fcc and parenting. That said in short summary is parents can watch there own kids. Our government and my tax dollars are not your kids babysitter. please comment your opinions
  10. I use tightvac, probably one of the more expensive options but it keeps things as odor free as desired.
  11. setup: Hookah - mya bambino bowl - mya bowl that came with the bambino (small) coal - quick light coconut (one coal) acclimation - none shisha - cherry kashmir tangiers hose - mya hose next time i pack a bowl i will try and get some picks of it to see if its my packing but i will try exposing it for a few hours first to see if that helps things.
  12. I only used one coal, moving it around did not seem to stop the lung problem unless i backed it off so much i wasnt getting any smoke at all. I could try slicing the coal in half but i am not sure if it would help this probably but could possibly provide a more even cooking if i want to slice little coals into smaller pieces. could it possibly be my packing job thats causing it? but i am fairly consistent so i doubt that in all honesty.
  13. it was kashmir cherry. The flavor itself was not bad from what little i was able to sample but maybe the flavor does not agree with us
  14. I know a lot of people are tangiers fans on this forum which ended up me adding some to my cart when i made my next big shisha order. Normally i am used to smoking AF and only smoke once to twice a month as does my female companion who tried this with me. I tried it on a mya bambino with CH coconut coals. As soon as i got it smoking became inable to smoke it. This was not due to the flavor (which was very strong and good) but rather my lungs shut down like i was having an asthma attack. the better it got smoking the less deep breathing i could do on it until it degenerated to me able to move less air then a normal breath. Thinking maybe my lungs kicked the bucket on smoking shisha i passed it along to my female companion. The hookah was going good so she tried to take a nice big hit off it and about half way through she came off the hose wheezing and coughing. this meant either there was something amiss with my bambino, coals or the shisha. We opted to switch out the shisha for an AF grape mint and by comparison was like breathing clean air from the hookah and we had no problems from that point on sticking with the bowl of AF. Is this because tangiers is known to be strong and because we are not big smokers or is possibly another culprit in play?
  15. Thanks for the input. Currently i am working on a AF grape mint (which seems to be either loved or hated, nothing between). I think i will expand and buy some more AF, nak, and tangiers. I wish i could step into trying tangiers without buying 250g but that doesnt seem to be an option so i hope it ends favorably.
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