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  1. Thanks! I went to Soussi twice, once with a friend under 21, they never carded us, even for the drinks. First time the hookah was good, not awesome (Nakhla is pretty basic tobacco IMO) but good. It lasted for 2 hours and 3 coals. The second time, the first coal was very harsh, then the second coal was good. I don't like that they don't give you a pair of tongs to move the coal yourself. The happy hour is pretty nice though as they do half price on cocktails. I also tried the Chi cha lounge on U St, and I liked it too, but they card. So now, we go there when we don'
  2. Thanks for the review man, I'm new to the DC area and was looking for a nice hookah lounge to hang out. It looks really good except that I'm not a huge fan of Nakhla, but I definitely have to try this one. Also do you know what the age limit is for this place? Some of my friends are not 21 yet... Thanks!
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