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  1. Thanks! I went to Soussi twice, once with a friend under 21, they never carded us, even for the drinks. First time the hookah was good, not awesome (Nakhla is pretty basic tobacco IMO) but good. It lasted for 2 hours and 3 coals. The second time, the first coal was very harsh, then the second coal was good. I don't like that they don't give you a pair of tongs to move the coal yourself. The happy hour is pretty nice though as they do half price on cocktails. I also tried the Chi cha lounge on U St, and I liked it too, but they card. So now, we go there when we don't have under 21 people with us, and if we do we go to Soussi. The hookahs and the food are good, the place is nice and the music is fine. Too bad they don't do -50% on cocktails during happy hours! [quote name='MyvRocks382' date='25 February 2010 - 09:42 PM' timestamp='1267152148' post='453879'] Hey!!! Welcome to DC!!! Ummmm they usually don't card - I have only ever been carded once (Just this yr for the first time ever...in 6yrs) but apparently they have been known to do so on occasion. And when they do card you have to be 21. BUT I swear to you they only ever card when its time to renew their alcohol license (cause of inspections) and during SUPER high traffic hours Friday and Saturday (8:30ish/9-10PM) So if you get in before you should be fine. BUT don't worry cause if they do card and you can't get in....U won't be out of luck because unlike most places, I think Adams Morgan has the largest amount of Hookah Bars in relation to each-other....Queens in LITERALLY right across the street (It may look kinda shady and they dont take credit cards but this place is legit and their Hookah's are awesome - I will be doing a review on them later), Prince Cafe is slightly further up the block (Although I think they might still be closed - tax evasion and all that jazz), and TANGEIRS is pretty close as well at 2305 18th St. (This place is very similar to Soussi - so if u want a similar experience go here - the price range is the same, unlike Queens which is like twenty times cheaper. Also Tangeirs offers Belly Dancing from time to time which Soussi does not. I will also be doing a review on them as well) .... There are other Hookah bars around but I have felt out the ones that I find to be a bit too shady and the ones that require u to be 21+. Hope this helped! If you have any other questions I would be more than happy to help if I can! Here is a list of[b] Hookah Bars in DC [/b]that I will be writing up reviews on.....eventually, soon. Im just being lazy right now. Queens - Adams Morgan Tangeirs Hookah - Adams Morgan Prince Cafe - Adams Morgan (If it is still open/re-opened) Chi Cha Lounge - Adams Morgan/Florida Ave (21+) Prince Cafe - Tenley Town Prince Cafe - Georgetown Prince Palace - Georgetown Zenobia Lounge - Georgetown (on K. ST) Gazuza - Dupont Circle (I am not sure it if is 21+ I didnt get carded w/ my friends but I would assume so since it is owned by the same guy who owns Chi Cha Lounge) [size="2"][font="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"]Marrakesh Palace (Their upstairs Pasha Hookah Lounge) - Dupont Circle (21+) [/font][/size] [/quote]
  2. Thanks for the review man, I'm new to the DC area and was looking for a nice hookah lounge to hang out. It looks really good except that I'm not a huge fan of Nakhla, but I definitely have to try this one. Also do you know what the age limit is for this place? Some of my friends are not 21 yet... Thanks!
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