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  1. I would be curiouse to know what mistakes hookah bar owners made and what they learned from it.
  2. Mister Obama it has been a year since you won the presidency and we have yet to once see you smoking hookah on the Truman Balcony. And if there was ever a president to make my Pipe dream smoking on the truman balcony a reality it is this President. I thought day one I would see President Obama take out the shisha and Hookah pipe. If I had just won the Presidency, a Hookah pipe would be on the second floor balcony as soon as the parade was over; that night at least I can assure you. I couldn't wait a year like Obama has. I mean look at this balcony and how it begs to have a hookah pipe smoking. I imagined the press writing about the inspiration for Obamas Hookah doctrine. The president would respond in detail in between hits of the Hookah pipe about the hookah pipe chill doctrine. Then Obama would invite the press to smoke the Hookah pipe with him. As the press sat down the President would reach for his Ipod and play the Bossa Nova playlist. Cats would purr at dogs; lions and lambs would protect each other and Rahm Emanuel and Rush Limbaugh would decide its time to hug. I Imagined world leaders sitting on the Truman balcony, smoking StarBuzz Blue mist or the Hypnosis Tobacco Mintchocolate chip. I imagined the picture of Obama reaching for his Tongs as Israel and Palestine walked the first steps to peace; agreeing that StarBuzz Pink is not just for girls. The hookah pipe doctrine of Chill. A doctrine of taking a second to smoke and think before speaking. A doctrine of sharing and preparing for yourself and for others the best flavor Tobacco and the best flavors of life. The Hookah doctrine of the new and relaxed America. The confident America. President Obama I know you're not saying that you look at the Truman balcony at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C. and don't think, "damn I want to smoke a hookah there." And, President Obama you have hinted yourself that America needs to chill out. Start the hookah pipe chill of America. Mr president smoke hookah pipe while looking out at the Washington Monument from the Truman balcony. There is no denying that after a hard day that a grape/mint hookah, Maybe an AMFle Cinnamon hookah, would not at least be relieving stress. And a little less stress is the change I'm looking for. To read the history of the Truman balcony visit the White house Museum website. http://www.whitehousemuseum.org/floor2/truman-balcony.htm
  3. [quote name='Arcane' date='10 February 2010 - 11:20 PM' timestamp='1265869211' post='450884'] probably just a crappy hookah with a seriously restricted pull...or whoever packs the bowl may be packing it too tight... [/quote] this advice is normally right. But its been going through three hookah makers. ha its perplexing. its like the x files of hooka
  4. I probably sound like a stereotypical hookah snob on this one, but it really is rewarding to get your own hookah and learn how to pack it. As an added benefit, it is much, much cheaper to smoke yourself as well as being able to make much better sessions than a hookah noob that just got hired at a lounge. What others gave as advice is definitely the right things to look at though.... [/quote] You do haha Just kidden. Thats what I'm thinking, start smoking at home more and be able to connect to the long tradition of hookah smoking. But at the very least I am an expert at the hookah bars in OC. Poor but an expert.
  5. It is a very busy but mellow hookah bar. I think this advice might really help. I actually never smoke anywhere but hookah bars. I feel like I really miss out on the connection of making ur own hookah. I think the punching of holes might work and bringing a hose. But they are KM hookahs but they seem way to slim. Could it be the tobacco bowls ruining the good KM hookahs? [quote name='ih303' date='11 February 2010 - 06:26 AM' timestamp='1265894795' post='450919'] More than likely it's a bowl or a pack issue. If they're using the bowls that came with the hookahs (which they probably are), anything other than authentic egyptian hookahs will give them problems. I know it's tempting for lounges out there to go for equipment that's cheaper, i.e. chinese knockoffs of everything a la Social Smoke. But you can see where that gets them. The other side of that coin is the pack. There are countless threads on this forum re: how to pack a bowl. If it's too tight and/or does not have enough holes, it won't smoke good. You should direct them to the forum. Maybe they can be educated. [/quote]
  6. Ive been smoking at this hookah bar. Great people go there. But the Hookahs are always hard to inhale. Less smoke. I want to help the owner get these hookahs on track. But even the new hookahs are stuffy and takes more work to get less clouds. Now it is a hookah bar that is forced to use the fences around the tobacco bowl. But is there another reason.
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