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  1. I tried this (little purple candy, ragoon sunrise, and summer whatever) and idk how much it helped (since i cant smell the bag before opening it), but the smell of BBQ was faint. I then started the 4/20 style acclimation and that worked alright. For me what really helped was to leave a small amount of tangiers out before I get out (4-5 hours) and come back and smoke. I finally got some real flavor without it being harsh. Now i have to try this with Noir since it is very humid where I am and have some trouble acclimating that line. But overall im satisfied with the Birquq line!
  2. Amazing. 10/10. Literally gets here in 2 days. I just recently placed an order and got a call around 10 to say that one of my tangiers was out of stock and i picked a new flavor. Get another call at 12 saying that its all good and they are shipping it out. Got here 2 days later. Shipping is 10 but well WELL worth it! Thanks again! Amazing service!
  3. Top for me. -Horchata-- favorite and i love the drink -Orange Soda -- if you like orange -Chocolate Cherry-- solid flavor -Watermelon-- sweet and tasty -Mimon (if you like lemon and mint) nice change from sweet flavors -didnt really like -melon blend (mine just didnt taste right, as if it wasnt acclimated correctly but i gave it plenty of time) -blue gum ball (just kinda a funky flavor but i mean it tastes like a gum ball's interior just not for me
  4. For sure, I was just asking before blowing money on the adapter, though its cheap haha thanks!
  5. I have a 32" Temsaah and was wondering if I could attach a stem adapter to the air valve. My friend has a mya and the check valve can screw onto my air valve leading me to think that i can, so i was wondering if anybody has done this or if this cannot be done. Thanks!
  6. got some tealight candles, but had to modify it since it was too small and would cover the hole, but got HUGE clouds and great flavor from starbuzz, tang, and af. everybody should go buy a tangiers bowl and candles haha
  7. Im sure its a tangiers phunnel. Anways, packed more this time and it was A LOT better. Gonna go buy some tealights so i can try the mod since it seems extremely beneficial. I guess i just had a problem packing it... haha but thanks all!
  8. yah samurai champloo haha I wrapped it decently tight and added a few holes in them middle... maybe i just didnt enough shisha. I packed like a little more than 2/3.
  9. Ive been smoking hookah probably not as long as around 90% of the peeps here (about.... 2 years?) ANYWAYS! Ive been having trouble getting an easy draw from the Tangiers I just bought. Setup. Tangiers Medium Phunnel. Tangiers Lucid Horchata Coco Nara coals (2.5 of them) Temsah 32" Brass Hookah Narbish Hose Stock Vase Using a regular egyptian yields an easy draw but for some reason, using my Tangiers phunnel bowl makes the draw a lot harder. Almost like i am breathing my last breaths to get very minimal smoke, so i was wondering what i am doing wrong. I pack the tangiers decently tight (like how it comes in the packaging, as instructed by the sheet of paper wrapped around the tangiers) and have a decent amount of holes, what i would normally poke for any other shisha. However all of this still gives me a difficult time getting an easy draw.... I havent smoked anything else in the Phunnel bowl since i juuuust bought it and it does not seem to be defective (I used a small phunnel before but it broke hence the replacement). I also havent tried smoking any other brands of shisha in the bowl, though I should to test, but just dont have any at the moment. Any ideas?
  10. Yah i think im leaning towards the KM since everybody seems to have very high opinions towards it
  11. I am gonna get a new hookah and just wanted some opinions between the three i have chosen... 1. A Magdy Zidan Sirius 28" 2. Nile Nammor 22" 3. KM Ion 28" or Caramona 28" Thanks!
  12. thanks guys i found out that the hose was junk... seal on the hookah itself is still great. Any recommendations for a new one? Ive been smoking for around a year, but im no expert, i just do it every now and then haha
  13. I have starbuzz and using the bowl that came with the mya. Looking into a vortex though or a new bowl in general. Using 2 full coals or 3 half ones distributed among the bowl. Maybe i should look into a new hose? Mine is pretty crappy...
  14. I feel like packing was alright considering i kinda followed the several posts from this site, but maybe it had an effect on the coals? I was using the crappy quick light silver ones, but now i have the coco nara, which produced more smoke but still inadequate compared to usual, its weird....
  15. Hello all, my 5 month old Mya Odyssesy just isnt producing enough smoke. Everything seems to be in order, no leaks, could be the hose? Weird thing is though, that if we smoke in the living room then the smoke is weak but if we move to my room it is better. My thoughts was that the temperature, so i cranked the heat up in my room and managed to get more smoke. But im just stuck... On a side note though, was looking to buy a new hookah, and over at hookah-shisha and was debating gettting a Nammor Azizi or a Egyptian Nile if anybody had any thoughts about that. Thanks!
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