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  1. I know I'm not much active anymore but today is my 21 birthday and if like to say thanks to all those who recognized that
  2. [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1317386824' post='525819'] You're being sarcastic, right? Welcome back btw. [/quote] sarcastic about? and thanks
  3. [quote name='Coyote' timestamp='1317387769' post='525822'] [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1317344576' post='525730'] Very common problem with any of the Econo line Myas. Only solution is to pitch it and get a [s]non-Econo Gelato. [/s][color=#ff0000][b]KM[/b][/color] [/quote] Ok fixed it... [/quote] i have a KM tri-metal.. i use the econo mya for my lava lamp hookah i made my self
  4. finaly un suspended from the forum! thanks guys!

    1. Chreees


      Welcome back! Haha.
    2. Epoch


      It's nice seeing folks come back.
  5. up early this morning :/

  6. i love my KM dont get me wrong, but more recently i have been smoking my econo mya more then my km.... i dont have a big mya so i dont know the comparison.. id like to get one after i buy my bike though. my km is a nice smoke and its smooth with a lot of cloud production but my mya just has a more natural feel to it and seems to be a little more consistent..
  7. [quote name='dizzbizz' timestamp='1317363286' post='525781'] I might get that mya base. how much you asking? [/quote] yeah what chreees said... 5 dorra
  8. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1317363335' post='525782'] [quote name='lucky13' timestamp='1317354446' post='525764'] chrees thanks for making me sound asian.... 5 dorra!! XD [/quote] LOL! Good luck with the sale, man. Just because they're Chinese doesn't mean they're not perfectly good vases. [/quote] thanks man haha
  9. pretty pissed that i woke up at 6:30am drove my normal commute to lowe's to meet my boss for my other job, only to be told 15 mins before we were supposed to be oscar mike that the job for today had been canceled...WTF... 3 months of no work.. and this month this is all they have done to us!
  10. [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1316786454' post='524898'] I can't believe no one has brought this up yet. So a Couple months ago Netflix jacks it's prices for DVD delivery. Then in it's wonderful apology style this past week... to summarize... sorry for not keeping you informed about the rate hike and it's benefits, now we are going to split the company. WTF! Seriously?!?!?! What a great F@#$)* Apology that was. The reason I am with Netflix is because of both services available in one spot. I can't comprehend how splitting the companies makes better business sense. It's like Sonic separating it's drink menu from their food menu and making 2 separate locations. Not to mention Netflix forgot to trade mark their new stupid name, and will probably fork out a fortune to some blogger to get his twitter account of the same name. Here's some stuff for fun and information. [url="http://theoatmeal.com/comics/netflix"]http://theoatmeal.com/comics/netflix[/url] [url="http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000046962"]http://video.cnbc.co...ideo=3000046962[/url] [url="http://www.giantfreakinrobot.com/television/10-scifi-series-netflix-instant-watch-company-collapses.html"]http://www.giantfrea...-collapses.html[/url] [url="http://shopping.yahoo.com/articles/yshoppingarticles/691/5-netflix-and-qwikster-alternatives/"]http://shopping.yaho...r-alternatives/[/url] [url="http://www.break.com/break-originals/other-funny-stuff/netflix-fail-song-2159807"]http://www.break.com...il-song-2159807[/url] [/quote] cant help but feel you there... and now there bringing games into the picture.. which is cool... and the price didnt change to much.. for me at least.. like $3.00 USD.. i dno... ill see what happens before i ditch them but yeah im pretty pissed about it.
  11. chrees thanks for making me sound asian.... 5 dorra!! XD
  12. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1317354255' post='525761'] Yeah, just as I thought, you have not only confirmed my suspicions with the additional picture (which is great by the way, thank you), but also with you said on the eBay listing it said it was made in China... It's not a Bohemian vase. Bohemian vases are made in the Czech Republic and Romania. Sorry to tell you this bad news. Wade, Iain... you guys can fight over it. [/quote] lol no biggie i just want them gone there taking up room i dont need them... it was a cheap purchase off ebay and i bought it blindly
  13. [attachment=5641:P290911_23.41.jpg] and the gelato
  14. [attachment=5640:P290911_23.35.jpg] how is that for a pic... the frost design is honey suckle and butterflies
  15. [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1317353001' post='525758'] Technically, I currently have dibs, sale pending on more information/pics. Can you get us better pics atleast? Please note that most of the time when it says its a boho on ebay, it really isn't... [/quote] lol i know that.... now XD... ill try for pics but all i have is my phone so give me a sec ill see what i can do, all i know is its made in china when i bought it it said they were hand painted i had two options clear or blue and they ran out of blue so the sent me clear... its 9" tall the mouth opening is 1.8" wide the out breach in the middle has a 7" diameter the base of the vase is 5" wide.. other than that i dont have any other info
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