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  1. So I work at a hookah lounge in Clearwater, Florida and about a month and a half ago I had this guy who serves in the Army stroll in to buy some AF. We got to talkin and turns out he's spent the last 8 months in Baghdad Iraq. He asked me what the largest hookah I've come across was which wasn't really anything spectacular at three feet. He kinda laughs and says while in the heart of Baghdad once day he came across a [b]twenty-seven foot tall[/b] hookah with a bowl that fit an easy three kilos. I was freaking blown away; but I suppose if your going to find it anywhere that would be it. Funny thing? He said it only one hose. Now I know I've got no proof and hell neither did he, but just for the sake of interest, what's the most impressive device you've come across?
  2. Paddox

    Shop 24:20

    So I stumbled across this website the other day and am blown away by how large the community is on here. Figured I would at a hookah lounge so why not get the name out? We're called Shop 24:20 and we're located in Clearwater, Florida right off Gulf to bay. The actual adress is 2420 and we're between belcher and old coachman. We carry Hookah-Hookah (yuck); Al Amir, and Al Fahker brands. I'm pretty sure we're going to be getting Fantasia in also very soon which is spectacular if you've never had it. We have wi-fi, video games in every booth ranging from SNES, Sega genisis, Xbox, N64, and PS2 along with more board games than you could shake a stick at. Our hours are Sunday-Wednesday from 1:00 to Midnight, and Thursday to Saturday from 1:00 to 2:00 AM. We unfortunately don't do single bowls, we do however do unlimited at $12. Unlimited hookah starts at 6:00 PM or all day Saturday / Sunday. Anyways, yeah, think that's about everything. My name's Kyle and hopefully we'll be seeing you soon! - Kyle; Shop 24:20
  3. Al Fahker Double Apple hands down... My co-worker calls it double crapple and I understand most people either love it or hate it, but it burns so long and the flavor dies only when the smoke does. Either that or AF Orange/Vanilla mixed for a creamsicle. Absolutely spectacular.
  4. My name's Kyle, and I worked at a hookah lounge in central Florida called Shop 24:20. Was kinda shock to find some a massive forum, nice to see.
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