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  1. Thanks for the input mushrat. I may need to give Eric a call goo
  2. So I haven't been on the boards for probably a good 5 years. I still smoke hookah on the occasion.. I obly have a mya QT left.. sad day (I miss my other hookahs). Anyways, I'd like to discuss what shisha brands people are buying (give top 3), special hookah products, and best vendor (how about top two). Also, is Eric from Tangiers still around? For all you other old timers on here.. sorry I haven't been around much. I miss my hookah community.
  3. I haven't quit completely but only smoke once every couple months.. instead of the multiple times a week or day in the past. I'd say mostly bc of a busy life. I also enjoy cigars so that gets in the way. I just need to move back to the southwest so I can climb mountains and smoke on top
  4. my friend had one that was pretty cool. i've thought about buying one a few times but never pulled the trigger
  5. my old mya would have gotten my vote but they don't make them like that anymore so I have to go with KM
  6. sometimes just a little water, such as half a cap from a water bottle is sufficient if you mix it in. i wouldn't put too much though
  7. [quote name='Genie' timestamp='1295388348' post='494876'] I won't advise you on Tangiers, you know they're all stronger anyway--except for the Lucid line. But I like stronger flavors, not stronger nicotine. Not sure which stronger you were referring to. In that vein, I recommend Nakhla Arabian coffee, Nakhla Jasmine, Nakhla Earl Gray, and Nakhla Cinnamon. Mmmmmm. [/quote] I think I can get stronger flavor from tangiers.. it is all about how you pack it. The high nicotine content from the tangiers makes it susceptible to problems but as long as you accli
  8. [quote name='alexander' timestamp='1295424918' post='494989'] [quote name='ih303' timestamp='1295365033' post='494830'] I'm diggin Tangiers New Lemon Lime at the moment. [/quote] smoking it now. definitely one of my new favorite flavors. [/quote] i feel like i had a lemon lime sample from eric a couple years ago.. i am assuming the recipe may be a little different
  9. It has been almost a year since I have smoked hookah and plan on getting back into it so I need some flavor suggestions. I like stronger tobacco...tangiers is usually my go to brand. What is the hot new flavors/brands out. Also, feel free to update me with any cool new hookah gear that has come out recently.. I feel so out of the loop for someone that use to smoke like 10 times a day Sean
  10. ps where is Eric when you need him?
  11. ps where is Eric when you need him?
  12. 1.You are asked to prepare a buffer of pH 6.40 for a biological assay. Using the table of pKa's in the experimental procedure, select an appropriate acid/base pair and calculate how much of each you need to make 150 mL of buffer solution. Assume all solutions are 1 M. The correct Acid/Conjugate Base pair is: Acid: H_{2}PO_{4}^- or this if it's easier to read (H2PO4^-) Base: HPO_{4}^2- or this if it's easier to read (HPO4^2-) pKa=7.21 I think I understand how to make the acid/base ratio but not sure So far I took the pH-pKa (6.4-7.21)=-.81 Then I took 10^-.81= .15
  13. Tangiers. But also, whatever tobacco you are using, cut up any stems into small pieces and mix that in with the tobacco. There is a good amount of nicotine in the stems which should give it an extra kick!
  14. KM has better quality hookahs:sturdy base, close heart, purges well, bigger/better hits, more traditional. Mya went down the tubes when they changed glass factories. It's a joke how thin the bases are nowadays. When they go back to their old glass and get rid of the open-heart chamber design, then I will buy another mya. The open-heart design hinders the smoke potential that a mya could produce.
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