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  1. u stay classy strawberry

  2. I've used both before and usually I can't tell a difference. It's possible that foil gives slightly thicker, larger clouds. I will say that there is a certain level of convenience with the screen as it's easier to mix up the shisha mid bowl - moving the unused shisha to the top.
  3. how could i forget....a buncha my friends and i decided to go to the college hookah bar after we had been drinking. we smoked a lot....and it didn't mix well in my friend's stomach. he puked in his water glass (that we were sharing). i was too gone to realize he puked until I drank his puke from the water cup. we got kicked out of the bar. gross.
  4. right after someone makes cake, someone's gotta make icing *drooool*
  5. So I came across a KM stem for a sweet price, but no base. I couldn't find a replacement, but I used one of my flower vases. Totally janktified! but it smokes like a champ. Still plan on getting a real base though
  6. That sucks! The same thing happened to me! look at my sweet sweet solution
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