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  1. Yeah mush I hope its just a phase and they get their stuff together. I never had issues with them before though. Just lately every batch I use the coals seem to crack apart
  2. Well they're about the only coals I use and Ive been using them for about 3 years and these past couple months every box I go thought the coals start breaking apart once theyre on... Is anyone else dealing with this? Im disappointed because theyve been very consistent for a long time and now this.
  3. haha awesome pic, nothing like a dog to make any bad day better
  4. I dont like eating anything heavy while smoking. A sandwhich, snacks or finger food works fine. If I smoke in the morning, cereal goes great with it
  5. Yeah its not perfect but the white makes it unique. Its a bit shallow so its perfect for short sessions. Thanks
  6. [quote name='Click' timestamp='1303354444' post='506284'] I feel like the inventor went to Home Depot and bought a shower head. [/quote] Lmaooo
  7. Heres my bohemian. Sorry for the huge pic I was too lazy to photobucket it lol [attachment=5428:DSC_0003.JPG]
  8. [quote name='Kapten Kanel' timestamp='1303311061' post='506217'] [quote name='littlec' timestamp='1303287197' post='506187'] [quote name='IainUM' timestamp='1303286915' post='506183'] so if i write hookahflip or Idiot Idea it will get filtered? if so, awesome. i think it is funny, and the creators of this product warranted this happening by spamming our forum. let's not take this word filter too seriously, guys edit: HAHAHA, it works!!! Idiot Idea Idiot Idea Idiot Idea [/quote] Yeah but banning a person makes a whole lot more sense than censoring a word thus inhibiting open discussion on the idea. [/quote] When the creator of the product himself, spams a forum and doesnt follow the rules, well, why give him free advertisement? Also not sure how it really inhibits the ability to have discussion about the product, and really, what is there to discuss? Which brand has the least "juice" so it can actually be smoked? It should have stayed as a DIY gimmick or something. /Rant Also, Idiot Idea [/quote] Yeah all the controversy around the product is giving it a lot of free advertisement. I am with everyone on the anti spamming idea, you create a product and try to increase it popularity. Thats a given. But spamming forums isnt the way to go around it. But then again it has created more discussion about it so idk if its working to their benefit. As far as the juices dripping goes.. It doesn't Kapten Kanel. I used it plenty of times, I actually have a video review of it on another thread that was created. So take my word for it. The juices definitely don't trip, but I haven't smoked any Layalina out of it so maybe it'll be a different story with that. But my Egyptian head and my phunnel are still my dailys.. I still havent bought one yet lol Price is too steep
  9. why dont you try using different coals, coconaras or exoticas for example. See if that yields some results
  10. Mizo Guava Starbuzz Pineapple ( havent tried Tangiers Pineapple) Tangiers New Lime I think Mizo Peach is also pretty close to the real deal
  11. Here are my favorites Tangiers - K Peach, Peach Ice Tea Al Fakher - MINT, Grenadine (pomegranate), Nakhla - Sweet Melon (overpacked) or Lemon Mizo - Peach, Lemon, Orange Starbuzz - Pineapple and Blue Mist mixed ( Incredible mix) Im not a starbuzz fan but these two mixed is just too good
  12. The clear one definitely flows better with the stem. That red base is really nice though
  13. Its definately a nice looking hookah. Sort of looks like a Persian and Syrian hookah combined. into one. The tray just looks out of place though
  14. All the times I have used it I have never seen the juices drip on to the coals. But I honestly have no idea what the steam was, I guess the molasses started vaporizing? Yeah I agree the price is too high, they would probably get more people willing to try it if it wasn't so expensive.
  15. Sorry about that everyone it seemed that I had somehow linked THEIR video instead of the one I had made. To clear this up I am not "hookahmasta1" nor am I in any way affiliated with them. I am still trying to figure out how their video got linked instead of mine but yeah that's about it. This was the actual video which I had tried posting [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jWFN3k0GO0[/media]
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