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  2. Love your Profile Pic man. ICP is the shit

  3. What is this "tape" ryno speeks of.

  4. [quote name='Rani' date='31 January 2010 - 09:45 PM' timestamp='1264999553' post='448817'] [quote name='Sonthert' date='31 January 2010 - 01:12 PM' timestamp='1264972324' post='448758'] Send me a PM. We can compare notes in the "gray area". or is it "grey area"? Nope. spell check says its gray. I do know what you are talking about though. I've researched Native American Practices extensively. I still think you're being a little blithe here. [/quote] Once again...... Uh....Yeah..... Our ceremonial practices are intended to be life changing. Nothing life changing is likely to be an easy ride. And I can guarantee you that anything who thinks they are hasn't been through them. What's written and what the "experts" have supposedly witnessed isn't even close. Which is why when we read "Oh Native Americans do it so it must be okay and I'm going to try it..........." we kinda shake our heads and get as far away from the idiots as possible. Remember the "simple" sweat lodge ceremony in Arizona not that long ago? People died. 'Rani [/quote] LOL i know exactly what your talking about.
  5. [quote name='dizzbizz' date='31 January 2010 - 03:39 AM' timestamp='1264934395' post='448712'] [quote name='Arcane' date='31 January 2010 - 03:22 AM' timestamp='1264933340' post='448710'] [quote name='nars2k' date='30 January 2010 - 11:14 PM' timestamp='1264929258' post='448707'] [quote name='antouwan' date='31 January 2010 - 01:02 AM' timestamp='1264928565' post='448705'] small tangiers. beyond it being superior by everything else by far it's also much easier to get a hold of than those elusive folks over at MNH. chinese? i don't think so. #1 it's a copycat, just like most stuff coming from that country these days, ideologically speaking, i frown on that and won't support it. but also, tangiers phunnels are MUCH stronger and they are much better made. due to the materials made in chinese phunnels they are much easier to break. basically, small tang phunnel. it's just better in every aspect. [/quote] It's not a "copycat", yes they are using the same design as erics funnel but its not like it's advertised as a tangiers. Yes it's made with lower quality materials and isn't as heavy duty or tough as a tangs funnel which I had previously mentioned. But it is another option for the OP due to the cheaper price. I use both daily, the performance is the same there is no difference between the two besides what I mentioned. The guy is asking for an [b]opinion[/b], just because you "frown" on it due to your ideology doesn't mean it's a bad product. [/quote] doesn't that constitute as his opinion? [/quote] Well if he says its a bad product because of the ideology, thats not an opinion, its a false statement. Just because something is made with bad intentions doesn't mean its a bad product. [/quote] the point is tangiers phunnel are superior. yea you will save money now, but spending 6 extra dollars for a superior product you will be ussing alot is well worth it.
  6. [quote name='Sonthert' date='30 January 2010 - 10:42 PM' timestamp='1264916547' post='448671'] Mattarios: The MAOIs are associated with N. Rustica, not N. Tabacum. The nicotine content will change based on how its prepared. I think your math is wrong...I think 6% of 3g is 180mg of nicotine. 0.06 * 3g = .18g. 1g has 1000mg in...that 180mg. Thats roughly the equivalent of 6 packs of cigarettes. Rivethead: did your uncle say your/my concerns were well founded? Jacob Shock: I'm sure your experience was fine, but some people take complicated mixtures of medications. Many/most of them are amine-based. Adding an MAOI will make the effective amount entering the bloodstream higher, which can be critical. The other problem is that N. Rustica undoubtedly has different amounts of MAOIs in it. You might have gotten a mild batch. It could have been high in nicotine and low in MAOIs...there are no guarantees. I could mention several NHTs that would illustrate the point, but the rules forbade me. For instance, lets say Rivethead has ADHD. He takes prescription Adderall. He smokes some N. Rustica. Now, it doesn't affect you that much...but his normal dose of 25 mg that he takes before the N. Rustica hits him like 75 or 200mg of Adderall would hit him without MAOIs present. The other problem is that the nasty, sickening chemicals are going to be the ones that are retained the most, the side products that give you side-effects. He also loves pickled oysters and eats three cans the night before smoking the N. Rustica. He has a swiss cheese omelet for breakfast. His blood pressure spikes. He hits the floor. His heart goes into convulsions and stops because of the nasty mixture. Maybe he bursts an aneurysm in his brain. Maybe he has a stroke. These things are additive. Its like having a warehouse and having four forklifts running cargo in and out. All of a sudden, three of the forklifts stop working and the fourth one is running at half speed. Cargo starts to pile up in the warehouse. Before, four forklifts are enough to move everything out quickly. Now one moving half speed, every extra load you put into the warehouse takes longer to get out, the shit starts to stack up. Those chemicals are poisonous to his body. Some of those accumulating cargo palates cause his blood pressure to increase. They start accumulating and his blood pressure goes up even more. It is the reverse case of what happens if your mix alcohol soluble drugs and drink liquor. The alcohol speeds up the absorption and spikes the level of the drug in the body...like Adderall for instance. Now, these MAOIs slows the removal of these chemical from the body. The levels spike because the continued absorption level at the normal rate quickly saturates the body's slowed down MAO system. Maybe he doesn't die that morning at all. Maybe he feels fine later that evening, but his MAO system is impaired and he goes out and he drinks a , already slowed by the MAOIs and is trying to catch up, gets a fresh, accelerated jolt of Adderall from the alcohol. Plus the Tyramine in the beer. Normally, he would be fine. In this case, he has a stroke. Maybe in this scenario, he doesn't die. This time he's lucky. He has permanant brain damage. He is confined to a wheelchair and his wife has to feed him with a baby spoon for the rest of his life. These types of situations are almost always synergistic, multiplicative...not simple addition. You don't have shit to lose if he tries it and gets turned into a tea cart for the rest of his natural life or his widow has to figure out which suit to put on his cold body. Rivethead, on the other hand, does have something to lose. That's fine, you can say "I tried it, it was no big deal." You are dealing with something dangerous. You should always exercise extreme caution when experimenting with something you have never tried before. Don't minimize my point by saying "Eric's blowing it out of proportion." Express your opinion, by all means, but don't trivialize my point. This isn't like challenging your best friend to drink one more beer. They are dangerous and N. Rustica is not a joke in MAO concentrations. I know something about chemistry and pharmaceutical manufacturing. I worked for DuPont Pharmaceuticals. I headed up a project team...before I graduated from college. I worked for three different biotech companies. I have researched indigenous native MAOIs on a number of levels. I do know what I'm talking about. Most of what I have written previously is from memory. You are correct, it probably will be OK. He should exercise caution. I told him to be careful. I'm sure you can agree he should be careful, exercise caution. I apologize if I didn't go into enough detail, but I figured I might have built up enough trust currency on the Forum to just give him the short warning and be done with it. I guess not. My niece died from an overdose of a mixture of two dangerous NHTs. The same one John Belushi died from. She had used NHT component A previously, but had never tried the other one. The reason she died? Very likely she was allergic to it and didn't know it and went into anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shock or an allergic reaction is always a possibility when trying a new food, NHT or prescription. All the other idiots were out of it and didn't see her dying. They found her body more than a day later, face down. The other people that were there that night just left in the morning. Couldn't be bothered to see if she was OK...or even alive. If she had exercised some caution the first time she tried component B, she might not have left four children without their mother. This is why this particular cocktail is dangerous. Synergism. Multiplication, not addition. I certainly have an emotional component in this argument. On the other hand, I'm not some "Ban Everything" sort of prude. Use caution, always. Use small amounts first, avoid contraindicated foods and prescriptions, increase the amount consumed on subsequent occasions slowly. Research what constitutes a normal dosage. From Wiki on Nicotiana rustica: "Other reasons for its shamanic use are the comparatively high levels of MAOI beta-carbolines". Sorry, there Jacob, I've just known too many people who died for no reason other than not exercising caution. [/quote] damn dude, pretty extesive post and i deffenitaly get where your comming from. you give really good advice. i dont think i can contribute much more to this conversation without eithor getting banned or bringing this thread into the greay area.
  7. [quote name='dizzbizz' date='30 January 2010 - 02:09 PM' timestamp='1264885755' post='448598'] Dark, FTW! [/quote] word.
  8. [quote name='Arcane' date='31 January 2010 - 12:20 AM' timestamp='1264922406' post='448684'] i wouldn't take the risk with dealing with MNH...and i think the tangiers phunnel outperforms the mnh glass bowls by a mile.... [/quote] only for tangiers itself. but none the less arcane is right. there is a giant thread about how MNH is a shitty vendor now. i would say go with the tangiers phunnel, small to be exact. if you reall want a nice glass phunnel check these bad boys out http://www.crownhookahs.com/shop/article_31001/Crown-Jewel---Glass-Bowl.html?shop_param=cid%3D2%26aid%3D31001%26 i would get one but its not glass screen fiendly, the glass screen is why il ove the mnh glass phunnel so much.
  9. [quote name='r1v3th3ad' date='30 January 2010 - 02:18 PM' timestamp='1264886301' post='448605'] Well, I talked to my Uncle, who is a pharmacist of about 30 years...He said not to smoke it. He said it will interact negatively with my medication(not specifying how). So, I am going to make a bowls worth, have my friend guinea pig it to see how flavor is(I might take a puff or two, what would that hurt) and go from there. Once I can get the flavoring right, I'll make the entire batch and send it out to my list(if they want to try it). The tobacco came today and you don't know how bad I want to pack it up in my corncob. O well, I still have my kratom [/quote] i love kratom
  10. [quote name='Codename067' date='30 January 2010 - 03:21 AM' timestamp='1264846901' post='448523'] [quote name='Jacob Shock' date='30 January 2010 - 01:22 AM' timestamp='1264843377' post='448522'] no need to pack it so slow.(fact) mixing flavors wont ruin shit.(fact) to pack a good hookah never use quicklights, they taste like shit.([i][b]fact[/b][/i]) [/quote] fixed :] [/quote] im in agreance, i just didnt want to sound meen to the quicklight users.
  11. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' date='27 January 2010 - 04:00 PM' timestamp='1264633205' post='448030'] Well, it's a KM, and it's not one of the small KMs, so my bet is it's good... [/quote]
  12. [quote name='mattarios2' date='29 January 2010 - 09:09 PM' timestamp='1264824546' post='448491'] It sounds like this could be a good replacement for zag or khan to mix with tobaccos that aren't HUUGEE in the buzz department. Talking 2-3g per bowl. figure 4-8% nicotine ... take the middle, 6% ... 3g of this stuff has roughly 18mg of nicotine ... is that math right? You could add some of this stuff to any shisha and you'd get a tangiers x 5 buzz. So lemme get this straight, because of the high nicotine content ... that is what increases the amounts of Harmine, Harmaline and other MAO-A and MAO-B Inhibitors Eric? And it should be considered just as dangerous whether you smoke it straight or mixing a little in with other brands? For example, would you still say it still is or "can be" as dangerous if you mix 2-3g of it into a 30-40g bowl? [/quote] IMO not that dangerous, but ive never smoked 2-3 grams. ive only smoked it in a pipe. in a pipe you dont need much, so 2 to 3 grams might be a little much, but your not gonna die. i wouldnt do it every day because you would get get very addicted (theory) and tollerance would require more and more. nicotien builds tolerance really fast.
  13. no need to pack it so slow.(fact) mixing flavors wont ruin shit.(fact) to pack a good hookah never use quicklights, they taste like shit.(opinion)
  14. Solid herbal smokes work fine in a hookah. especially if thier moist. just throw them in with the shisha (preferably toward the top). it ussully dosnt even effect the flavor.
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