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  1. I got some of this a few months back,and it was amazing, too bad i cant find anymore of it
  2. Hey guys im looking for a small tangiers phunnel, not from the new batches, one that is a few years old, preferably from 08/09, mine recently broke and am looking to replace it for another.   If anyone has one for sale please PM me    Jay
  3. What are the openings on the bases, it doesnt haev them on tesite or am i blind?
  4. Why has he been trading even tho his account has been frozen since th 16th?? You bought on the 17 but his account has apparently been frozon on the 16th and on HP it was understood he was a scammer way before that
  5. Could i get his info? Would like to find his address and get mine and peoples money back, if not got to the cops
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