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  1. I agree with Satou you have to put love into your bowl making. Every time I didn't take the time and love into making my bowls and preparing my coals I always had a bad smoke. I've never ran into a smoke that was tasteless...for me it has either been flavorful or harsh and well to hot.. But thinking back from the bowls I first used to pack to the ones I packed before I moved I went from horrible to great (in my sessions) with practice. So it's true what they say about practice makes perfect. We all don't admit it or we do but we all started somewhere and had to learn somehow. I don't know how much Shisha I've wasted probably around $50 or more in poor bowl making and dropping and what not if not more shisha lost..
  2. Thinking about purchasing myself a new hookah or saving up and shiMFing my old hookahs up...Probably should go with the latter but I don't know yet.

  3. LOST 51lbs. only 129 pounds to go and off to the airforce

    1. Chreees


      Congrats dude!
  4. Well damn, if I was still in school I'd testbunny up and give it a go. Though I do dislike the non-existant option to have multiple hoses and the very small size...it's would be cool if the downstem were longer, though I guess with out coals and automated heat management it can't be to bad..
  5. Well I've started using Dip at work...not bad passes time soooo much quicker when I'm trying not to swallow : P

    1. Travis
    2. agunn1231


      damn travis beat me to it. lol...well, that's what i get for not paying attention to these things.

  6. spectrum055


    Well I think Ubuntu is pretty interesting. Don't know much about the linux environment, but from what I've gathered from people who use Linux stuff I've been told Ubuntu is great for getting your feet wet in the Linux world, while Kubuntu is I guess for more advanced users and what not. Don't know exactly how true this is but after using straight up Linux and Ubuntu I tend to lean towards Ubuntu since in set up it's been easier for me since I'm a hardware guy trying to get deep into the programming world that well run's my hardware : P
  7. 1984 is amazing, I've read siddhartha but well my grandmother sent me an early Christmas present this year one of those nifty amazon kindles 2 with the 3g and wifi and a 50 dollar gift card and I've been filling up my kindle with free books and purchased books and I think most of those books in the list are free on amazon at the moment. So I'm joining on in the list. When I am capable of enlisting hopefully after basic I can take my kindle with me and use that for reading. Though I have nine years and five months to finish that list off I'll start with Siddhartha and reread all the ones I've read in the list... Though after going through the list I was disappointed that one of my favorite books didn't make the list Farenheit 451 isn't on the list, I think it should be even if schools make you read it...I read it after highschool and just loved the book so much when I wasn't forced to read it.
  8. eh just looks like some gobbly gook... I also second the steel wool. hell the one hookah my friend gave me had serious surface rust and I steel wooled it to a shiny finish and cleaned it out hard core and it smokes like a brand new hookah though only reason I put in the effort was because it was a KM...
  9. VERY HAPPY FOR YOU MAN... I don't have any kids so I don't know what to say...except I'm very happy for you...makes me gitty that one day I'll be a father. But the other stuff kind of sucks with owing and all and I hope it all works out infinite in your favor man.
  10. No i have I think close to seventy or eighty credits around there. I think the only thing that would keep the military from taking me at the moment would be my weight, which hopefully since I'm young and what not can drop fairly fast. But with my skills in electronics and what not I can maybe get my career in Robotics or just as an electrical engineer easier.
  11. Well this seems serious enough to be here. But anyway my living conditions since I left phoenix are pretty annoying, My current job is almost done and I don't have a place to live soon which in effect is rushing my decision of joining the army about 1.5 years ahead of when I was going to decide. I am planning on enlisting early January and will be going for EOD or where ever they decide to put me. At the moment my family is worried, especially my mom and it was kind of hard to tell her what I was going to try to get into because well it's a parents nightmare when their child wants to deal with explosives I suppose. I suppose that is all I have to report in my life at the moment, but in other good news I've dropped from 380lbs to 346.5lbs(Weight mid afternoon) and after doing research my height requires a weight maximum of 205lbs. so I have a pretty long trek to go but I'm finally losing weight and feeling great and well eating less and healthier since I've been out of school and working full time. I would also like to hear some advice from those members who are in military service if you guys could do that...as well as advice for having hookah's if I stay in the states since at some point I will have to send for my hookah's from my friends house at some point with in the next year and a half.
  12. Well I now have a job... I work the afternoon shift in a warehouse bagging Grass seed...it pays ok I suMFose..

  13. [quote name='Venger' timestamp='1289181253' post='487583'] still waiting for my flying car. They have them but they cost a fortune and you still need to be a pilot [/quote] Well remember the old Car/planes? There was one that turned the wings and stuff into a little trailer and there was a second that was a bigger car with a wing/motor assembly that attached to the roof. And in the television show I had watched they said it was a break through design but had one great drawback. Fuel Capacity...and the common thing of almost running out mid-flight. But man I would love a flying car that didn't run out of go-juice mid-flight...or a Sci-fi jet pack which from that article shows at least some inventors are looking into it... ME on the other hand am looking for a wheel-chair to make a mobile autonomous chair so I don't have to walk or tell it where to go...you just hop on and pray
  14. [quote name='noodle' timestamp='1289088632' post='487479'] I wonder if anyone makes a grate for use with phunnel bowls. [/quote] If they don't I will make one...and hang it up on my wall .. No I have a few grates but I saw in an earlier post about heat management and yup to much heat, I get this burnt on crust under the grate and a fresh unburnt shisha at the bottom I don't get to enjoy...But when I use foil I seem to get a nice heat and no problem with burning ...that is if the foil is on right.
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