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  1. Kinda sad. Just poked in here too, looks like a ghost town. Ah well
  2. Probably a mile(and a year lol) behind this, but if you still have the Mizo Mint boxes, dibs!
  3. Yeah mine got me one for my birthday back in Feb. Best. Present. Ever.
  4. That sucks, Too bad the knockoffs will never be remotely close to as good. Especially the glass hookah I snagged off of Crown when the first batch came out. Nothing even remotely comparable that ive seen for less than a grand(got it for somewhere around 300-350) Could knock someone out cold with the base and probably not leave a single crack in it!
  5. Nevermind, friend took it off my hands haha..sorry bout that. Close this one up please!
  6. Minor edit to that. 100g of the Cocoa...not entirely sure what the fourth one is..it's either noir or birquq..and it's about 200g. Cant find my old order thing..guessing orange soda or one of the ones that tends to never smell right lol.
  7. Long story short, I have four tupperware containers of Tangiers..stuff worked great at my old residence, but can't get it to work at all at the new place And I'm too impatient to deal with it currently..plus little time to smoke lately..so selling it off. Mind the amounts are estimates of what's left..barely had a couple of bowls of each..so still quite a bit left in each bin. Roughly $5 for shipping. Tangiers birquq Breakfast cereal(the fruit loop tasting one) approx. 200g $10 Tangiers birquq Spearmint approx. 175g $8 Tangiers noir Cocoa approx. 200g $10 Tangiers Lucid (Horchata I think?) approx. 100g $5 Or (preferably) I will sell the entire pile for $25 plus $5 shipping. i just have to double check that fourth one when I get back in state..Could swear it was Hochata though. Just hate to see good Tangiers go to waste just sitting there hehe. PM if interested.
  8. I'm just content I got my wish for Mizo Blueberry..and it's quite good. I can die a happy man now.
  9. Well I decided to be that guy and test out the new gimmick product and review it..so here we go. Cost: 45 in a box..eight dollars..little on the pricey side. Appearence: Basically an oversized coconara..but with a V cut into the underside. Two of them on an alien phunnel barely fit side by side. Smell/taste: not bad..gives off a slight odor when lighting on the electric stove..but nothing that makes you want to cover your nose Ease of Lighting/Method: Electric camp coil stove Ash: Grey ashing Heat/Duration: Good heat overall..I figured with them being so large they would overheat the bowl..but I guess the v takes care of that...and it's Nakhla..which is impossible to screw up. As far as duration, they seem to burn up about 10-15 minutes quicker than cocos/CH naturals. Recommend: If you're into the gimmick thing...go for it. Still pretty much buying overpriced cocos though. OVERALL: 7/10 - they're good, but gotta knock a few points off for the shorter duration and higher price per coal.
  10. [quote name='Skoozle' timestamp='1324738930' post='533732'] That flavor sounds cramped and uncomfortable. [/quote] Anyone else just imagine the gearshift going places it shouldn't? Not to mention multiple concussions.
  11. usually one alien phunnel per evening(2.5 hours) unless im on the road.
  12. urp..especially that flavor..which you can smell from a good mile away! lol
  13. The real question is, does this mean I get to eat Thanksgiving dinner a second time this year due to this time travel phenomenon?
  14. So.....many....un-bee-lievable.....puns... *head explodes*
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