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  1. Im looking to open an Online hookah store and I cant for the life of me find a Supplier who offers Dropshipping. Anyone know a good supplier who wont break the bank?
  2. Thats the sad part about hookah designs, its soo damn hard to make anything look original haha and yeah i forgot the ashtray hahaha
  3. guys just remeber shes still a hookah nooby - Down just throw out names or brands, she needs a explanation of what these things are and WHY its the better choice - vedetta nice post btw
  4. I love this stuff ! - its got a great creamy texture to it, goes down the pallet smooth
  5. lmfao i saw the title for this and thought "Who the hell smokes jewels?!" watched it and laughed, made my day hahaa
  6. Alright to clear things up - Shiazo steam stones are in fact - Travertine rocks - Simple eh? (Hard to buy on your own, not worth it) You can get the Shiazo stones at a couple local US stores for around 9 bucks a tin (MUCHHHH Cheaper then shipping from the EU) They are re-usable!!!! - if the stones get smoked up and you have flavored glycerin, you can resoak them! - Check out these guys for flavored mollases, you can use on the stones or to just make your own tobacco -[url="http://www.jeffs-tobacco.com/en/products"]http://www.jeffs-tob...com/en/products[/url] - they sell 20G bricks of tobacco (makes like 500G of shisha!) - and they have like 30 flavores of mollases you can buy to make shisha or refil your stones! Shiazo sells a "Dry" mix which is specifically used if you want to make your own flavors without any "Ghosting" of whatever is absorbed before - (I have not seen this in the US) [url="http://www.shishashop.co.uk/shiazo_1"]http://www.shishashop.co.uk/shiazo_1[/url] - its about $20 bucks for the dry stones but you divide it into about 6-7 different bowls and just re-fill them with the flavors you like. Hope this helps
  7. it just seems silly that he's so one sided about it, I mean i understand that he doesnt want to look like the "bad guy" on his own forum but that should come second to his image as a business person, in the end he is just hurting himself
  8. Natural coals are the first thing you are going to want to change, but be aware they take about 3-5 minutes to cook on a stove or burner unlike the insta-light coals you have. - As for hoses, the wider the diameter of the hose the easier your pull. Also "Washable" hoses are usually better since they dont get rust or dust in them after too many bowls. Also check out the "how to prepare a bowl" guides and vids, you might know how make a bowl but there is a science to how many holes to punch, how many coals where to put the coals ect. - i usually go with the "As many tiny ass holes as i can" approach and push my coal from the outer edge inward as the session goes on. welcome to the forums!
  9. Here is an example of a protype hookah I did [img]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y61/Morakie/Art stuff/Hookah6.jpg[/img]
  10. Hey guys! Ive got a exciting new project going on and you can be a part of it! Im working with a local 3D design and manufacuring company to start producing my own line of hookahs and If I am going to be getting advice or design ideas from anyone I want them from the people who know hookah the best! I am not promising any design to be produced or taken but if anything is posted I really like I will totally see about putting it into the real world - Any design submitted and accepted will have the Hookah model named by you ( Be creative!) and I will send you real working copy of it free of charge! If you have 3D designs or drawings just convert a render into a Jpeg or video file and send it my way. if you dont want to post it to the forum PM me
  11. is it by chance that they all add up to $600?
  12. Do you know why those words derived to what we have now? - Its because the original Hookahs where made out of coconuts, by a doctor actually, and Sultans smoked it with crushed "Pearl" in the which gave a drugged state appearently and thats kinda the reference to glass - or so i read :MF
  13. Awsome Post man, really helped - what about Size of the place? what do you feel is the smallest you can comfortable go on a palce like this? i was looking at a place around 1200Sqft
  14. Las Vegas!, Summerlin area. Opening a shop up soon myself
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