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  1. when did ed hardy get famous anyway? it seems to me like one day he just exploded and was everywhere, or maybe i never noticed/cared to notice
  2. 20 inches of snow

  3. jeez mush, this really is terriable. how much do you hate Dr. Purcell.
  4. first thing i smoked was hookah-hookah blackberry but the first thing i personally bought was the af golden esk apple
  5. maro kart, and the need for speeds, but the need for speed games are multi-platform (you can get it on any system)
  6. both are fairly similar. but i will make a list of what i think. PS3 1. Blu-Ray (highest quality movie you can get, if you have a high definition tv this is a must) (also it plays regular dvds in higher quality then normal) 2. Internet browser (not really that special but i think its cool i can go on the internet and surf Hookah forum from my ps3) 3. re-chargeable controllers (no battery's) 4. Free online multi-player 5. smaller nicer controller Games: You said you like racing games, the ps3 has grand turnismo where xbox does not. Little Big Planet (you and your kids will love it), I dont think that ps3 has as many games but in my opinion the games they do have are of higher quality, more of an everyone console (More kids games) Xbox 360 1. Xbox live (better online multi-player) (you have to pay for it though) 2. More games, also more exclusives 3. big clunky controller (requires battery's) 4. only plays regular dvds Games:Forza motor sport is a good racing game, i dont know as far a children s games, i believe xbox is more of a mature console. i have a ps3 and love it, i also think its the right choice for you. If you want more comparisons, [url="http://www.hardcoreware.net/playstation-3-vs-xbox-360-one-year-later/"]Comparison Article/url], this article is fairly unbiased
  7. nak mizo orange nak mizo lemon, you will love them
  8. Helix746


    [color="#FFFF00"][size="4"][b]Nak Mizo Lemon[/b][/size][/color] Setup: KM Imhotep (double black pear w/ chiller) Tang phunnel bowl packed tight with 4 half cocos Smell: smells like a lemonhead without the sour, very nice smell Taste: tastes exactly like it smells, like a lemonhead after the sour has gone Cut: thick long cut, like normal nak smoke: big fluffy white clouds buzz: same normal nak buzz Overall: 10/10, best lemon flavor i have ever had. definitely a must have, i will always have this in my stash
  9. ordered from john coconara coals 108 piece box colden charcoal nak mizo lemon nak mizo orange al fakher cafe latte tang lucid m cherry
  10. i came to college and my friend (who is now my best friend and roommate) had a hookah. I had never smoked one before but i was eager to try. 1 year later and im the hookah master at my school. Unfortunately the first time i smoked it was hookah-hookah blackberry lol.
  11. full time college student, steady summer job is working as an paid intern at The Kennedy Kreiger Institute in Baltimore doing grant tracking/managing so all those doctors can have money for their experimental research.
  12. only way hookah could cause pneumonia is if you NEVER cleaned it and used dirty ass water, and i dont know if that would even do it. Its probably the cold, being in the cold too long is the number one cause of bacterial pneumonia. I had pneumonia over the summer took 3 days to go away with the antibiotics. just take a break from smoking and finish ur meds. u will be better soon. by the way, fun fact did you know that pneumonia is the 8th leading cause of death in the us. around 60 thousand people die every year from pneumonia and the flu in the us. This is mostly in infants and the elderly tho. lol sorry, that may seem scary since you have pneumonia. i promise those antibiotics work wonders, you will be fine.
  13. i think i will go with the pharonie since john has it in stock but i do want to get a red base with it, i think that a red base and red narbish would look great with the tri metal
  14. def more shisha, try less coal. some of the guys here use 4 whole cocos or ch coals but mine just burns when i do that, i cut mine in half. 4 half ch coals, more shisha, and most definitely holes in the center phunnel if its sucking the tin foil down that is your problem with air flow, if you poke 3-4 holes in the phunnel hole you should have a nice draw. i dont think the water matters much, but if you have too much it can get into your hose and clog it or if its non-washable ruin it. i usually know when i have enough shisha that its level with the rim of the bowl and its packed really tight, not tight enough that shisha juice is squishing out the sides of the bowl but packed tight, it should definitely feel dense when you push down on it
  15. dont worry about it. you can still smoke in public and on/in your private property, this is just a ban from smoking inside, places such as restaurants, bars, workplaces will now be smoke free. This mostly pertains to cigarettes anyway. the only exception is you can still smoke on casino floors. both of my states (Maryland is home, and Pennsylvania for school) have these laws, it will not effect you, unless you enjoy smoking in bars. As for hookah lounges, they may be able to get an exemption since they are tobacco providers but laws with hookah lounges are strange. just look at mush and how it is in his state, his hookah bar might be shut down while cigar stores/lounges are fine. I could look more closely at the bill to let you know about hookah lounge/tobacco shop exemptions but i dont think its necessary. Bottom line is that you are free to smoke hookah wherever you want as long as it isn't inside a public building. So smoking on your private property is totally legal.
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