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  1. [font="Georgia"][size="2"][color="#000080"]I'm back to fasting and the routines of Ramadan and kind of feeling "blah" about it all. I knew the heat and long days would be difficult but I guess I wasn't aware of how much so. It stinks that women have to go thru the "first day of fasting" pain and adjustment twice. When I was at Al Fakher the other day, I specifically asked what their hours are during Ramadan, they said they open at 6 pm. I went there at 7 pm to find the place all lit up, not a soul in sight! We went for coffee, came back about a half an hour later, still no one. I am going to beat the shit out of that guy when I see him again. For now, I just went to a smaller supply shop and just got four to tide me over til Ramadan is over. SO I got home, decided to try the chocolate alone first. I had only had a 50g before that I used to mix with banana and cinnamon for my Fuzzy Monkey Mix. I cleaned up and set up everything, set down to relax and enjoy and ACK!!! It was nasty! I tried to readjust the coals, ended up trying another brand of coals, could never get a happy medium between shit flavor and good smoke or mild, sweet flavor and little smoke. Really pisses me off that I ran all over town and frustrated with salespeople only to come home and smoke shit. I cleaned it up and put it away and decided to try another day with my new cocobrico coals, halfway convinced I got a really bad box of coconaras and they need to go and live in the trash. Abdullah and I just watched this corny Egyptian movie and went to bed early. I probably haven't slept more than 4 hours at a time since Ramadan started, I am dying to catch up! [/color][/size][/font]
  2. [font="Georgia"][size="3"][color="#a0522d"]AL FAKHER CHOCOLATE [size="2"][color="#000000"]Set up: KM Pharonie Coals: 2 coconara, added a third when they got small screen/foil: Regular thin aluminum foil base: Warm water Hose: New fuzzy purple hose Bowl: Egyptian clay, holds about 25 gms Manf: 02/11 Appearance: Short cut, very juicy, some stems, red dye Smell: Like tootsie rolls Taste: At first strong, cocoa taste, almost too strong and had a powdery undertone that made me cough. Eventually it settled into a mild tootsie roll-like chocolate taste, more sweet than chocolatey. Smoke: Amazing big billows of smoke Duration: About an hour and a half Overall: This was a disappointment. It started too strong, tasted a little like coffee (mocha?), but the flavor didn't last long and most of the time was a very sweet but barely chocolately flavor. It was pleasant taste, just not chocolate and the smoke was one of the best I've had. I'd give it a 6/10 and definitely something I won't buy again. I'll probably use the rest to mix with something. [/color][/size][/color][/size][/font]
  3. [quote name='ezxen' timestamp='1313129357' post='519603'] Katie (cyote) posted something similar about candy oils [/quote] I saw her post, finally, thanks! I think it's a same stuff!
  4. [quote name='angekfire' timestamp='1313126731' post='519599'] I'll have to see if I can find any of this stuff locally. Wonder how expensive it is around here. I also remember reading somewhere that unsweetened kool-aid mix works as well, I picked some of that up and intend to investigate. [/quote] COOL! WHen you do add your results here!
  5. [quote name='Plex' timestamp='1313126962' post='519600'] My first thought when reading the title of this thread was 'is someone thinking of adding E621 (M.S.G. - Mono Sodium Glutamate)! to get a more 'full flavor' out of their tobacco?' Before mixing any additive with your tobacco, I would definitely suggest doing some research on the safety of the particular chemical. I imagine some may produce toxic fumes (benzene, for example) when heated to hookah temps. [/quote] I believe it is the same chemicals that are used to flavor the tobacco. I'll double check, though!
  6. [quote name='Scrappydoo' timestamp='1313125149' post='519595'] I was reading about how people are making their own tobacco and herbal shisha mixes and a thought came to my mind. I found these candy flavorings at the grocery store, their are Propelene Glycol and natural flavors. I started experimenting with them. I found that putting it in the base does nothing but mixing it into your tobacco or sprinkling it on top greatly enhances the flavor! I wouldn't put it on something that you are already happy with but if you have some dead or mild shisha, it definitely kicks up the taste! Anyone else try this? [/quote] OOps, I forgot the pic. Here is the stuff I used.
  7. I was reading about how people are making their own tobacco and herbal shisha mixes and a thought came to my mind. I found these candy flavorings at the grocery store, their are Propelene Glycol and natural flavors. I started experimenting with them. I found that putting it in the base does nothing but mixing it into your tobacco or sprinkling it on top greatly enhances the flavor! I wouldn't put it on something that you are already happy with but if you have some dead or mild shisha, it definitely kicks up the taste! Anyone else try this?
  8. GOOOO BRONCOS! (don't say it Tyler, don't say it!)

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      and you know the Cowboys are my team...if it was anyone else I would be with you :)
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      and you know the Cowboys are my team...if it was anyone else I would be with you :)
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      LOL! I know you're DYING TO SAY IT!
  9. [quote name='Zildjian' timestamp='1312892660' post='519340'] vanilla for sure! creamcicle! [/quote] That's what I was going to say, Vanilla sound the best! Maybe try cinnamon or chocolate or a weaker strawberry or cherry to get a tutti-fruity taste.
  10. [font="Georgia"][size="2"][color="#4b0082"]I decided to take advantage of the "not fasting cuz I am cursed" today and do some errands before it gets too hot. HA! I left my house at 9 am, it was already over 100 with a heat index of 110 (what does that mean, anyway?) First I try to go to Al Fakher but they are closed until 6 tonight. I have to park down the street and walk up this big hill to find out they are closed! DAMN! Whole city looks like a ghost town, because of Ramadan and the heat, no stores are open except "crucial" stuff like grocery stores. It is weird to drive down the street and find every store closed during the day. Luckily the big grocery store in town has an awesome electronics section with the best prices, so I went there next. I found the computer Abdullah wants for his work, it's a Dell Inspiron Mini! It's so tiny and cute! I got it and a blue padded carrying case, then go down and get some groceries for tonight. We've been eating so much heavy stuff at his mom's and eating out, I think tonight it will be nice to stay home and relax. I got some stuff to make soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and a salad. It will do us good to eat light and not go anywhere. When I first got home, Abdullah was in the shower so I hid his computer under the couch and sat there, trying to hide it with my feet! He walked out, saw it immediately and said "OHHHHH!" He was so happy. Like a little kid who just saw Santy! He is still sitting there, towel wrapped around his waist, playing with his new toy. I was planning to wrap it and make it fancy~~oh well. I am really happy he likes it, I was afraid it would be too small. IT is not usual for people to give gifts during Ramadan but some do for EID! He was out of the country for medical treatment for our birthdays and anniversary. He needs to go back for testing in about a week, SO we decided to do it now. Our birthdays are only a few days of each other and our wedding anniversary is within three weeks so we just lump them together and do something cool. In a couple of days they have this holiday called Gurgian. It is like a semi-religious Halloweeny type holiday. All the kids dress up in nice clothes or native costume and go door to door, singing and you give them candy. The stores sell these kids of nicely decorated baskets of candy, dressed up with arabian decorations like camels or weaved cloth. Adults go down town and hand money to strangers, so it's a good day to go down in the city and look poor! LOL! I don't understand the deeper meaning of the holiday, just think it's to break up the monotony of a difficult month and to encourage charity and giving. I bought a basket of candy and am going to have to hide it or my husband will eat it all! I shouldn't have gotten the stuff he likes. I don't know if we'll get any kids here but I hope so! [/color][/size][/font]
  11. [quote name='Moose' timestamp='1313047766' post='519486'] I've been re-reading the Harry Potter books while smoking (and almost only then), but I was at the very climax of the fifth book when my bowl ran out. I guess I'll be reading it on the couch for a while, can't very well just leave it until the next session. On a related note, I once thought that my bad memory for books was a bad thing, but here it's good. Read the Harry Potter books when I was younger, started the first before the fourth had come out. Read through them all. But by now I only remember strong points, and so, as I'm re-reading them now, many things are like new. As far as the climax of the fifth book, SPOILERS SPOILERS I recall that Harry's vision is a trap END SPOILERS, but everything else is fresh. It's great. [/quote] I love to sit on the deck and read!
  12. [quote name='Skoozle' timestamp='1313013689' post='519467'] [quote name='paspatout' timestamp='1313006766' post='519455'] I think there's more to this than packing and heat management. I'd say about 75% of what I buy in local shops here has very little or no taste, it's very hit and miss, then every once in a while I buy a pack that has knock your socks off [b]flavour and lasts for an hour[/b]. Packing and heat management makes little difference. Okay if the heat management is not right, the flavour won't last as long, but if it's not there from the start that's not the problem. I buy Al Fakher and use al Fakher coconut coals here and i've resigned myself to the conclusion that it's just a very hit and miss quality product. I also think the taste diminishes quite quickly once the sealed pack is exposed to the air even if kept in a sealed container. I've wasted so much money on packs that I get nothing from. My regret is that having tried all sorts of ways to add some flavour to tasteless shisha I've never found anything that works and end up throwing i away. I'd love to know what the ingredient is, for exampli in double apple, one thing for sure it's not apple. [/quote] You say that like it's a good thing. I have had no such consistency problems with AF. To be honest, I disagree with most everything you said. [/quote] I agree, I've never had bad AF, it's always been a top quality shisha with amazing flavor!
  13. [font="Georgia"][size="3"][color="#ff8c00"]AL FAKHER APRICOT [size="2"][color="#000000"]Set up: KM Pharonie Bowl: Clay egyption, holds about 30 gms Coals: Coconara Base: Warm water hose: My fuzzy hose Foil/screen: Average thin aluminum foil Smell: A little like apricot, kind of sweet and tangy Taste: Like ripe apricots, a little floral mixed in Smoke: Really big billowy clouds the first hour, then it slowed down quite a bit Duration: About an hour and 15 minutes Buzz: Little, but I was sick today so....maybe that's why? Overall: This is a great flavor, not too sweet and a little tangy. It is something I would like to smoke again but not a favorite. 8/10. Overall:[/color][/size][/color][/size][/font]
  14. [font="Georgia"][size="2"][color="#000080"]Day 11. SO I didn't fast today but I didn't feel like eating much. Too bad it doesn't count. Tonight we were invited out with Abdullah's family to get Iftar at the Hilton. They put up this huge tent right next to the sea and have every food imagineable! WOW! Who eats this much? My favorite is the Mongolian barbecue, they stir fry all these veggies you select and serve it with teriyaki sauce on brown rice. They have this awesome salad bar and omelette bar and a ton of Arabic food and American food. Between 6 family members, we probably spent $300 USD. WOW. Then we had a really nice talk and walk on the beach. It's weird, we were both raised so differently but I've never met anyone who gets me more. He was raised Muslim with a pretty well-to-do family, always had maids and nannies in the house, never really wanted for anything, traveled the world. I grew up middle class rural America, raising our own meat and having a garden. We both just see life the same way, deal with people the same way, get each other. I feel like I can tell him anything and he understands before I finish my sentence. We found this rock to sit on, took off our shoes and sat with our toes in the water, talking for more than two hours. I feel like GOD brings your partner to you when your'e ready. Yesterday he got a bonus from one of the dogs he was training. He really wanted to get a little computer for himself for work but instead he surprised me with a brand new Nokia phone! Mine was on the blink, not holding a charge, even though I replaced the battery. I feel blessed that after everything I've been thru, GOD has blessed me with a handsome, generous and amazing man. Problem is, we both caught a touch of food poisoning or stomach flu. YUCK! We went to the clinic and got some meds, now Abdullah is fast asleep and I can't sleep, so I'm sitting up watching a movie and smoking AF Apricot! My stomach feels a lot better now but I think I am going to just eat crackers until tomorrow. With this new phone, he preloaded it with the Quran, so I can continue my daily readings without missing a beat. Pretty cool. I think I am going to sneak down when he's at the Mosque and get him the computer he wants! His MS has been really bad the last few months but he was saying tonight that the new meds seem to be working. He is going to have an MRI this week to see if the lesions have grown or are stable. I think he has been working really hard in Physical Therapy, and that is the reason he is feeling so much better. I really believe in Ramadan miracles, so hoping this is one! His last cancer screen has shown no new growth, one more clean scan and they'll officially declare him in remission. Poor guy has been thru so much. I think if it were me I'd lose a lot of faith but his is stronger than ever. I just hoping being around him, that strength of faith rubs off on me more! [/color][/size][/font]
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