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  1. BABE! You Big Butt head!!! LOVE YOU

  2. [quote name='Sonthert']Oh, yeah, cigar whilest crapping is a joy...especially a nice, big Punch Cuban....Yeah! I used to shower with my hookah...couldn't keep the charcoal lit.[/quote] Hey Eric do you smoke cigars? and if so do you allow cigar smoking in your lounge? and if so would you like me to bring some cubans down when we come down on the tenth?
  3. Smoking a cigar while going number 2 is the best... especially if your using a port a potty or something... that way you don't have to smell yours or anyone elses crap haha...
  4. The Big Red One - Samuel Fuller Education Of a Felon - Edward Bunker A Newer World - David Roberts John Wayne The Man Behind the Myth- Micheal Mann Boon Island - Kenneth Roberts Generally I read biographys and historical books...
  5. I wonder what John Wayne would have called a hookah pipe? Probably something really bad ass...
  6. At the hookah bar i work at we always get drunk people... sometimes people can't handle both the hookah and a buzz... passing out and puking is not fun to clean up after
  7. Oh and Eric what is the name of the Orson Welles movie you suggested that was his last one, i checked IMDB but i couldn't remeber the name of it...
  8. I believe Erica Actually did take some pics... maybe i can get her to post them...
  9. So last night Erica and I and about 15 of our friends road tripped it down to San Diego to go smoke some delicious tangiers tobacco.. we got about 8 or 9 hookahs, including Black Thorn, watermelon, mint, cooling strawberry, kashmir peach, cocoa, blue gumball, and apricot. It was an amazing session. Eric is a true Hookah master, his teqhnique is flawless, and when done right he has the best tobacco on the market. Not to mention an amazing collection of DVD's that i was drooling all over. I mean how many Hookah bars do you know of have the Alfred Hitchcock presents DVD's on hand. I got some
  10. [quote name='Erica']The way I met my boyfriend was we both worked at the same hookah bar.. lol.. So no, I do not have this problem. haha Sorry that your wifey doesn't like you smoking![/quote]
  11. Starbuzz cola So i gave this a go last night at work... it was pretty good. i was using my green mya acrylic pipe, with japanese style coals. The bowl started up immeadiatly with clouds of smoke... I was smoking by myself but everyone wanted to try it so i passed it around. I thought it tasted alot like pepsi, not so much like coke... a little sweeter than the other colas i have tried. My friend Mike o then packed a bowl of Starbuzz Cola mixed with starbuzz grape as he wanted to make grape soda... i poked a little fun at him for that... but it was actually very tasty the cola really bro
  12. [color="green"] hello fellow hookah buddies. My name is Austin and I am an alcoholic... i mean hookaholic... well where to start I work at bulldog lounge in Huntington Beach, where we sell delicious hookah and cigars. I've been working there for almost three years now, My favorite pipe is My green crystal Mya Saray, which i almost never use because i feel the need to compulsivly clean it for an hour every time i use it because its so damn expensive. I have a beautiful hookah smoking girlfriend who is a regular on this site named Erica who used to work with me down at BD's well i guess tha
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