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  1. Yep. 'Zouks' indian tea bar on Chester street, central manchester (near the bbc radio's center, also near Oxford road train).. Serves Al Fakher out of Khalil Mamoon hookahs. Great service, not always the best nargila, but usually top notch.. I also have heard there is another place by the Printworks, but I am yet to discover it..
  2. damnnnn impressive collection bro.

  3. When you start planning genius inventions to make smoking even better...
  4. definitely not washable hose.. the wooden handles are pretty much the teller.. looks like a very narrow diameter too, you'll find it harder than you should to drag nice hookah though!
  5. After ordering John will email you with the price to UK, and if its ok to proceed. Its always around $30
  6. I bought some tangiers.. did the process - spread out on foil, leave for 5-6 hours.. still was horrible.. then left it out for 24 hours.. a bit better now. Problem is (silly me) I did the first part in my bathroom (where I keep my hookahs (don't ask!)), and showered whilst it was out. Will this have totally messed up the humidity/acclimation?
  7. fistpumping uk style

  8. arrived this morning from HJ Medium blue tang phunnel Tangiers peach ice tea Tangiers pomegranate Nakhla Mizo watermelon 2x 108pc CH QL coals Oyster fork
  9. Any ideas for what to do if the grommet is too big.. I have trouble making the stem go in fully..
  10. I usually use a grommet just got my first KM, and the hose that came with it actually doesn't fit.. grommet makes it too big... Nammor with grommet fits fine. I also use toilet paper, wrap it around the end of the hose and stick it in.. usually works. (this also works to put the bowl on the top) Hope this helps!
  11. I heard John was an alien, and these new 'Alien' mini phunnels he talks of are offspring of the aliens from his home planet. [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/idhitit3.gif[/img]
  12. I love seeing new people smoke hookah, specially the ones that smoke it like a cigarette (including the inhale). *sigh* ahh, the long process of teaching one how to breathe....
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