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  1. You have to go to Kedzie and Lawrence in Chicago. Cleopatra grocery $15.99 Starbuzz All MYA models and plenty of Egyptians. Sahar grocery lots of QT's A little further north at Milwaukee and Golf try ARAX grocery lots of MYA's but price is a little more expensive because of no competition in the area. Hope this helps. LUXOR
  2. How about this for an even more bizzar twist to this story, I saw Skybuzz sold in a store in Chicago and next to it was Skyzzz tobacco. Same look as Starbuzz and Skybuzz but a different name. This to was distributed by Al Amir out of Dearborn Michigan. Maybe a typo from the company producing the Skybuzz lables? ams, Any word on what the deal is with Skyzzz?
  3. For hookahs, tobacco, coals, etc you have to go to Kedzie and Lawrence streets in Chicago. Supper low prices and a great selection. Two shops in particullar are Cleopatra Grocery and Al Kayam Grocery. MYA's gallor and every type of tobacco out there including Starbuzz for $15.99 In the Niles area try ARAX on Milwaukee and Ballard, also great selection including MYA's and Egyptians also all major tobaccos etc. A little more pricy than Chicago due to no competition in the area. Hope this helps. LUXOR
  4. WOW !!!!! Never thought I would see this. The top manufacturer of hookahs goes GHETTO!!!! Very suprised, so much for the rich Lebonese culture the company sprang from. I thought MYA would be above this type of marketing. My 2c Also, This you put immediatley in your catalog, but the Diva, Pyramid, Octagon....etc. is still a no show?
  5. QUOTE (Erica @ Apr 30 2007, 12:25 PM) Yea........ soooo.. I have smoked out a few of these.. honestly.. the smoke is the same as any other mya... its the crystal you are paying for.... and.. I would imagine mostly for decoration more then funtionality... What sucks is that you can't put coal in the crystal tray.... Meh.. get one if you realyl want.. but realyl they dont smoke any better then the other crystals. The sad part of it is they are not crystal, These hookahs are hand blown and decorated GLASS. The other Crystal MYA's had stickers that read CESAR CRYSTAL. Also confirmed with our distributor, not crystal but hand blown glass. This makes this hookah priety much just a status piece (the most expensive MYA made!!!) MY 02
  6. QUOTE (ASUSEAN1 @ Apr 30 2007, 11:18 AM) be careful with tht pyramid hookah.. there not as durable as you think Sean: You are correct. I was looking at the bottom specificaly, and there is no bottom. There is no thick glass were the bottom should be. I see now how yours broke so easily.
  7. Victim026: I just received the hookah you are interested in on Friday (had to wait 2 months for our distributor to get it in) I ordered the blue and gold. Here are a few thoughts. Big build up (only seen one in pictures) I walked into the store and saw it assembled on the counter and my immediate thought was "THIS IS IT?" This hookah is a little top heavy due to the heavy glass ash tray on top. Also, you can see the aluminum stem piece through the glass stem piece. Dont get me wrong, it is beautiful, but worth +/- $800? I also brought home one of MYA's new pyramid base hookahs and I'll be honest, I enjoyed that one even more than the "special" hookah (maybe because it cost a tenth of the other hookah and I wasn't scared of droping it or bumping it over?) So, just to confirm what some of the other enthusiasts brought up, a nice hookah for your collection, but not a daily smoker
  8. Satchurio: Good luck! I've asked about an all glass hookah in the past with no results. The closest I have gotten are ROOR glass pipes, but they are not designed for smoking shisha. If you do find something please post. Luxor
  9. I think if we are going to go this route, we need to be carefull of the basic words we use as well. The word "buzz" is used about a million times when describing tobacco. I don't know about you guys, but if I remember back to my highschool days "buzzed" = "stoned". Besides, most of the times people are using the word buzz, they realy mean nausious. My 2c
  10. QUOTE (manntis @ Apr 24 2007, 12:55 PM) shot them an email. I need some stem parts anyhow, and theirs are the only screw-together machined metal stems I've ever found. Also I should mention that I have found Lebaniese bowls in local middleastern shops. Not shure if you have any near you, here in Chicago most stores have a box of various bowls, the Lebanese bowls are usually at the bottom
  11. I would give them a call. I have ordered numerous Lebanese bowls in different colors and ocasionaly I will get one that is a little different than the others. Same with the Egyptian bowls (besides the standard black) the bowls occasionaly differ. Luxor
  12. QUOTE (LuxOR541 @ Apr 22 2007, 12:25 PM) I asked the guy at the counter if he knew if they were MYA brand pipes and he said he was sure the brand was called "inhale". Anyone ever heard of this brand? Nick I have bought Inhales in the past and the quality is not to bad. Some of the parts are stamped MYA. Spoke to MYA about this and they confirmed that they sell stems, bases, etc.. in bulk to other mannufacturers. So it would not be that odd to see MYA parts on other hookahs.
  13. They will have all 3 that you need. 1 base to stem 2 bowl to stem 3 hose to stem fitting. If any of these is missing, you will have air leaks and not be able to get much smoke out of you hookah. Side note - you can use wet paper towels as a temporary fix for all 3 scenarios above.
  14. All kidding aside, they do have fabric hookah bags with outside pockets for coals and shisha. Ive seen them for +/- $12.00
  15. Yes, that hose looks like a MYA which is a great hose. By the way, there is also a gromet that goes between the hose and the fitting on the hookah. When you order the hose ask about getting a set of grommets for the hookah, I'm sure that the site will have them.
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