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  1. Hey guys long time no see, probably should update my photo probably about 5+ years old
  2. I use vinegar inside all the parts, stem, hose, etc.  And then rinse it out,  vinegar is pretty acidic and should do the trick.  
  3. You would most likely be able to call the company you ordered the hookah from and buy just a replacement bowl or whatever part I have done it for many years.  In my clumsier days
  4. I generally use my alien phunnel and either start with 2 or 3 coals in a stonehenge position, and let the bowl hit up slowly then i lay two coals flat and add the 3rd back on as needed.
  5. Here is a 2 hose model http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-200-stratus-2-hose-hookah.html
  6. I read the groundbreaking article, it concluded that after you smoke a hookah you will have more nicotine in your urine than if you did not.  
  7. I can shed some light as I was buying various brands at wholesale.  Granted these prices are from when I had a small hookah business so they may have changed.  SB 250 gram was $13.50 Fumari 100g was $4.50 Al Fahker 250 was around $8.  Nahkha was cheap.  Hope this helps note these prices were from around 2010-2011
  8. I have been smoking hookah for a long time and have seen a lot.  Not all but a lot.  What sort of things do you believe need improving with your personal hookah experience or everyone's experience.  Are there notable innovations that few people know about?  What would you like to see?
  9. Yes you can take it totally apart and clean it thoroughly.  Though I do not think it is brass, I think MYa uses stainless steal.  ALthough I haven't owned a MYA hookah in about 3 years.  Maybe someone could shed some light on construction materials.
  10. I feel like I haven't had horchata in like 2 years, I am gonna track it down now.  Thanks Pavo
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