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  1. Peach, Melon, grape vanilla all pretty good aw flavors. I have some surplus I can trade for new hoses or what have you? . Hit me back if interested.
  2. I'm voting for Obama, albeit with some misgivings. There are a number of interesting points that came up here, the economy, taxation, protectionism, the price of gasoline and government intrusion into private lives. Oh and the price of gas! I predict great social upheaval in America and I think we have a better change of emerging as a republic with Dems in charge of the Federal Gov. We could very well end up with a police state if the GOP retains power. (How many signing statements were there?) What American Don't want to Hear: , HOW TO HUNKER DOWN AND SURVIVE. the "chan
  3. Crazy people are known to run amok - whether it's the Virginia Tech shooter or the Palestinian construction worker who drove a front end loader into a crowd today in Jerusalem. Technology is not an issue. Murderous intent is the issue. The mayhem stopped when an off duty Israeli soldier climbed onto the still-moving loader and dispatched the malcontent at close range. Well done! The loader was headed toward a large outdoor market. An even greater tragedy was averted by a good citizen with a good gun. Survivors of the VT shooting would have preferred a similar outcome, imho.
  4. QUOTE (cartercdad @ May 30 2008, 12:38 PM) i can get 3 kings 40mm a box of 100. or are you looking for more than that Those have a pretty good rep. I have never tried them. Are they what you use normally? I could use more than one box. If you would like to email me with the particulars - how much al waha you want per box? Per case? You still have my email from the last deal, right? Hope all is well with you!
  5. QUOTE (cartercdad @ May 30 2008, 09:04 AM) what type of coals are you looking for? let me know I could use some high quality quick-lights or instant-lights. Something that won't give me a headache! If you have a line on some coals - maybe a case - let me know! Thanks
  6. QUOTE (mushrat @ May 30 2008, 09:21 AM) You should mention that this dates on these tubs expired in 2006 i think? Everyone knows that, but thanks for the reminder. Just in case. It was in the original thread I think? Do you have any more questions?
  7. Thanks everyone for the support here. I still have quite a lot for trade. I do need some good coals. Will consider all offers.
  8. QUOTE (AzZ @ May 12 2008, 01:09 PM) QUOTE (khearts @ May 12 2008, 08:57 PM) Thanks guys. I guess Ill get some better foil, we dont have reynolds in the uk, so Ill try my works full on foil which we use in the kitchen. Hopefully this foil will hold up better. Just get some Bacofoil. Not sure if they have an HD version but even their classic foil is nice and thick Extra juicy stuff that is fine cut like AF and Al Amir can be problematic in the phunnel. A solution that has worked for me is to use a fat toothpick or similar to punch the holes in the foil. The "trick&quo
  9. QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ May 12 2008, 08:08 AM) what the heck is glycerin used for? (other than tobacco fun) It's a major ingredient in personal lubricants - you know like astroglide.
  10. QUOTE (Hookah_Bob3 @ May 12 2008, 06:11 AM) I've heard Tangiers Licorice is really good too +1
  11. In case you are wondering what the heck happened to my original thread - it was pulled down by the powers that be here at HF. It seems that they consider me to be acting as a dealer. In fact the thread was started after I'd logged several hundred posts, contributing on a variety of topics. This was to be a one time thing, but nobody's listening to that. That is their prerogative. This thread is clearly within what is allowed. My trade reviews still stand. There are a few items I would trade for. Do you have some unflavored traditional tobaccos such as Tombek or Zagoul? Some people
  12. QUOTE (cartercdad @ Apr 22 2008, 02:32 PM) i might just order 12 more tubs can never have enough this stuff is great i love it and it all tastes good Wow, so happy you are pleased. I just figure out a way to ship these for less money. This product comes in a factory sealed inner pouch - inside the tub. By just shipping these inner bags - labeled and ziplocked for added protection - I can put 6 in a flat rate ENVELOPE which only costs $4.60 in postage. A six pack of AW would cost $24. plus $4.60 postage for total of only $28.60 It looks like, but have yet to te
  13. JUST want to say thanks for all the interest in these tubs. As an added incentive I will include a 50g sample on any size order postmarked during the month of April.
  14. QUOTE (MriswitH @ Apr 15 2008, 01:13 PM) QUOTE (azcoyote @ Apr 15 2008, 12:07 PM) I hope this is reassuring for you, but if not, well ...you miss out. Sorry. I understand and appreciate your feedback. By no means was I contradicting your credibility, its just the ease of the transaction as you can understand in being an avid eBayer. Thanks for posting that; it's just not as easy as ebay.
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