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  1. The MYA QT or Bambino (they're very similar, QT's more popular though) is the usual recommendation for people looking for a quality but inexpensive hookah. You're probably going to want a new hose with that too. Check out the reviews section of the forums. A lot of us use Nammor hoses, but there are a lot of good ones. 
  2. At the very least try and smoke only non-dyed tobaccos for a while and see if it helps. Hope you get it resolved.
  3. Also tons of great art - illustrations, animations, photography, etc. It's mostly inspiration fodder for me.
  4. And here I was just thinking this was going to be a bad day, and not literally shitty. 
  5. I'll have to keep this in mind! The powerade/QT fit is good to know...
  6. Join me in tinychat tonight! 9ish PM onward EST

  7. Just to be clear, this is like an enormous e-cig (presumably flavored like some starbuzz things), right..?
  8. Reclaimed Water Survey Natural Resource Economics: California State University, Long Beach   Thank you for participating in our survey.  The survey is designed to gather information about how you think a local environmental issue should be addressed.  The information provided is anonymous and cannot be traced to survey participants.  The results will be used for class purposes only.   1.      How old are you?       22 2.      What is your gender? Male ______                  Female ___x__ 3.      Do you live in a ____a____? (note: I live on one floor of a house... a house that has been converted into apartments. I don't know how you want to count this, but it's not a traditional apartment complex) a.       House b.      Apartment c.       Condo d.      Dorm e.       Other   4.      What is your approximate household income from all sources before taxes in 2012? B a.       Less than $15,000 b.      $15,000 to $44,999 c.       $45,000 to $74,999 d.      More than $75,000   5.      Do you know how much your utility bill is monthly? Yes  __X___                     No  ______ 6.      Are you apart of any environmental organizations? Yes ______                    No  ___X___ 7.      Would you consider yourself environmental  active (i.e. recycling)? Yes ___X___                    No  ______ 8.      Have you made any efforts at home to reduce water consumption? Yes __X____                    No  ______   9.      Do you think California is in a water crisis? Yes  ______                   No  ___X___ 10.  Do you know the source of your water supply? Yes  ______                   No  ___X___ 11.  Where in your household do you think the most water is being used? B (thanks to my damn roommate) a.       Toilet b.      Shower c.       Laundry d.      Sink e.       Outdoor use f.       Other Reclaimed water or recycled water, is former wastewater that is treated to remove       solids and certain impurities, and used in sustainable landscaping irrigation or to recharge groundwater aquifers. The purpose of these processes is sustainability and water conservation, rather than discharging the treated water to surface waters such as rivers and oceans.  A home sewage treatment plant is a modern device that treats all the waste water that is generated in a domestic dwelling.   12.  Would you use reclaimed water in your home? Yes  ___X___                   No  ______ 13.  Would you be willing to implement an at home sewage treatment system into your home? Yes  ___X___                   No  ______ 14.  If you could help prevent a water crisis by implementing an at home sewage treatment system, how much money are you willing to pay?            _____Not sure - depends on other factors like if it would lower a utility bill, if I owned the home, etc._______
  9. Yeah, I'm with others on the observational evidence. Having nonsmokers come and have a bowl of Tangiers with me have me pretty convinced on that one, haha.
  10. jorlyfish


    Yay, congrats! Let me know if you ever need a second opinion on anything... not that I don't think you're perfectly fine on your own, just good to get feedback from other art-types sometimes. :)
  11. jorlyfish


    My professor describes interviews/job hunting in general as Russian roulette. They have a gun, every time you do something wrong or they see something on their resume they don't like etc etc they put a bullet in, and every time they see something they like, they take one out. At the end, they spin the chambers and pull the trigger and you hope you don't get shot. Point is, there's some chance mixed in there as well. You'll find something eventually!
  12. For all you folks talking about the "known carcinogens"... are we forgetting that tobacco smoke is one also? I know the whole "baking/cooking vs. smoking" for hookah thing, but you have to admit that inhaling tobacco-related stuff (or any plant material - I don't think teasha is probably that much of an improvement) is, y'know, not great either. That said, I'd rather smoke tobacco than whatever crazy shit is in this. They should absolutely not market this as a "healthy" option, just perhaps as a nicotine-free choice or just something new and potentially interesting.  Also the idea of putting goo in my bowl just seems really unappealing on so many levels. 
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