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  1. So what kind of jobs does everyone have. I thought this would be a cool idea to find out what everybody does. I work at a golf course full time doing maintenance. Don't know what I will be doing once the snow falls though.
  2. I got my order from ss about 2 weeks ago. I didn't have any problems except the stem was kind of loose on the vase but a new grommet from a local smoke shop fixed that. I ordered a Magdy Zidan Gemini in red. It also came with 2 packs of ql coals, and 2 boxes of shisha. I got cherry and mint and both were very fresh. The prices were great and shipping was very fast. I would definitely buy from them again. edit: spelling
  3. QUOTE (Jeff_T @ Jul 19 2009, 01:06 AM) sounds interesting. I wonder how these would be on washed pipe tobacco to make your own shisha. Also, how much is a standard cartridge? Its been awhile since I bought them but a pack of 5 carts, which is the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes costs around $5usd. But the carts are only for the e-cigs them self, they are pretty much a piece of plastic that looks like a cigarette filter and it has a piece of wool batting soaked in the juice. The bottles of juice cost anywhere from 5-30(Im guessing, its been awhile). I was thinking the juice it self would be great for putting on tobacco, either pipe tobacco or rolling tobacco. It is kind of runny so it would most likely turn out like hookah hookah, unless you added something else to thicken it up. Juicy Liquid Totally Wicked E-Liquid EliquidPlanet MyVaporStore These are all places that I have ordered from in the past. They have great prices and they ship really fast.
  4. For flavoring you might try to use something called E-Cig juice. If anyone has seen or heard of those electronic cigs you might know what I'm talking about. For the cigs you can buy pre filled cartridges or the juice to refill or drop on the atomizer which vaporizes the liquid. It is made of natural flavoring, propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin and nicotine. They make tons of different flavors like menthol, strawberry even stuff like red bull(and it tastes just like red bull), I have tried it already and had good results. I was smoking fantasia purple haze and I added about 3 drops of menthol to the shisha and stirred it up. It was great just like blueberry with a nice cooling feeling. I'm sure if I would of put more I would have tasted mint but I was going for cool feeling instead of taste. Also if you don't want to add more nicotine to your shisha you can get it without. But if you want a really good buzz you can buy it up to 36mg of nicotine. You can find this stuff on google but if you want some good sites let me know and I will post them on here. I just don't want to put them all down if nobody is interested.
  5. QUOTE (EvansLight @ Jul 14 2009, 04:00 AM) And 5 Star? Not to knock anyones personal flavor choices, but come on!! Orange Cream is AW's best flavor I was gonna try some of that but didn't even think about it, maybe next time though.
  6. Well I bought a 50g box of 5 star today and asked the guy running the shop where he gets it. He said he gets it from other stores in the area because they all do a bulk order. I looked on the box and there were two websites . wahamolasses.com(which doesn't work) and middleeasttobacco.com. The second one looked more like a supplier site. I looked at the product page and found that I could get 25g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 5kg, 10kg, and 20kg. But I cant find a way to contact them. Could any vendors help me out on how to get in touch with them. If so I would be very grateful
  7. I'm trying to find a kilo of Al Waha-Five Star, all I can find are 250g tubs. I saw a review on youtube and the guy had a big tub. So I am assuming that they do make a kilo tub. If not I guess I can buy it seperately. But I tried looking on google and it seems like all I can find is 250g or pages that don't even have five star at all.
  8. Well I finally bought a hookah over the weekend. I bought the Magdy Zidan Gemini 1 hose(red) Was this a good choice. I tried looking on here and on google but I couldn't really find any reviews of it. I'm pretty sure it will be better than my current music shop cheapo. If anyone has any experiences with it or have heard anything about it let me know. I should get it Wednesday so after I get it I can try to do a review if I remember.
  9. Starbuzz Strawberry and starbuzz vanilla Tastes just like strawberry shortcake but a bit sweeter
  10. Is the Nakhla or Al Fakher chopped really thin like hookahhookah or is it a little bit thicker like starbuzz. It seems like I enjoy the thicker shisha more.
  11. Well I've been using a decent 12"(I think) hookah that I bought from a music shop awhile ago, and I think I really need an upgrade. The two I was looking at were the first one on This Page and the first one on This Page. Portability doesn't matter it won't leave the house. So I guess my questions are- Which will last longer Will I notice a big difference in the different sizes Does the size effect how long the smoke sessions are I cant think of any more but if I do I will add them. Edit: Also I've been smoking hookah-hookah(i was desperate), starbuzz and fantasia, is there anything else on that same site that will last longer or tastes better
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