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  1. I just bought and hookah and I got it off line and got a brush for it. how do i clean my hookah and what do I use the brush on?
  2. i don't understand. so the foil goes on top of the shisha like a loose leaf and the paper clip and coals go where? I'd like to try it at least.
  3. There's a few places opening in Bethlehem. I only know of one. Their website is www.hookahturka.com I can't wait for them to open! I will post again once they open.
  4. I've been reading reviews and it sounds like i've been buying the wrong shisha. I want something that will give me a great buzz and alot of smoke. I've been using Starbuzz because it tastes good but it generally gives me a headache. So, i'm open for suggestions and not just on brands but on sites to buy them and flavors.
  5. http://www.myasaray.com/store/item.asp?ite...epartment_id=62 thats like my old hookah which got ruined in a recent car accident. is this a good price or can i find something the same size (and in either purple, pink or sky blue) for a better price somewhere?
  6. How about a tips section and a section for "newbies" to talk to each other and learn together?
  7. QUOTE (speel @ Jun 30 2009, 08:29 PM) Blue mist and christmas mix are pretty good what do they taste like?
  8. What are some good starbuzz flavors? They have so many that sound good and I can't deciede. I got passion kiss and it's okay. I got sweet melon and love it and some other melon from them and loved it too. So what are your suggestions?
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