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  1. well The pillar opened a new place in lancaster, pretty nice. I was there last night, rather enjoyed it actually. My only two gripes about the place is #1 parking on queen st in lancaster is a bitch....and two is well I hate acrylic hookahs.....lol
  2. yo man u still looking for shops in lancaster with suMFlies?

  3. [quote name='destructo' date='26 October 2009 - 08:52 AM' timestamp='1256565130' post='421166'] also tall shiva got renamed and then burned down and its missing Jamaica johns and the grasshopper lounge for state college. both of them suck btw [/quote] lancaster pa has 7 valley blends on thursdays only 10 bucks an hour plus shisha eh a lil steep but VERY nice hookahs. Also the Tinder Box in chelsea square has BYOH any time theyre open, buy the shisha there, which is pretty decently priced, and charcoal.
  4. so does anyone from lancaster wanna smoke? I just got a can of starbuzz blue mist
  5. Those of you from Lancaster / York / Harrisburg theres a few lil shops around Lancaster now that have a wonderful selection. The first would be Puff and Stuff downtown on queen street, right by the liquor store. Puff n stuff has a great selection, their prices are a bit on the high side, and they are a bit shady on the phone (they wont give prices or tell you whats in stock). However this place's redemption is found in the selection of shisha, charcoal, and the shisha appreciation program. If you ask while you are there, for every 50 grams of shisha you purchase they punch a little card (100 grams they punch twice, 250 grams they punch 5 times). When you reach 1000 grams of shisha, they give you 250 grams free. This shop has a great Rasta feel to it as well. Secondly would be the Tinder Box in Chelsea square (off of Manheim Pike), great smoke shop. They have a wide variety of cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco, and some hookah stuff. Charlie is very knowledgeable and very willing to help. They have a wonderful smoke lounge as well, and yes you CAN bring your own hookah!!!! However they have short hours, and are only open till 8 pm most nights, but amazing atmosphere. This is one of the few places I have found that carries a good selection of shisha. This shop is more of a gentlemans smoke shop, not really super high dollar, but elegant, and very helpful. They even rent humidor spaces! Next would be my new personal favorite, a shop I checked out last night for the first time. This place is called 7 Valleys Custom Blends, and is located on Centerville Rd over by the Pizza hut (across from PNC bank). This place has a mighty selection of Hookahs for Lancaster county. The owner is a very nice guy, and was VERY helpfull last night. You are allowed to smoke in this shop, however they only allow hookahs on thursdays. It costs 10 dollars to rent a hookah for an hour. Shisha selection is limited, but this is a favorite shop for college students. I spent about 2 hours last night talking with the guy, and I am very impressed. He sells stuff to roll your own ciggs as well, and will roll you a sample to try it out. He sells pipes, pipe tobacco, shisha, charcoals, hookah, some VERY nice glassware, and cigars. This man is extremely knowledgeable and helpful as well. He is very fair, and will help you with all your smoking needs. They will match your cigarette blend to whatever your used to smoking, or come up with some crazy new flavor! Also when you purchase enough tobacco, I think you get free rolling tubes. They sell rolling machines, cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco (which they have amazing flavors of), hookahs, hookah supplies, and glassware. They are the only shop in Lancaster I have found who actually sells hookah screens! This shop has a nice atmosphere and is more of a college / middle aged / middle class kinda feel to it. Also note this guy will do repairs to smoking equipment, such as rollers, and hookahs! Finally would be Geniune tobacco in Millersville. These people have a limited selection for in a pinch. Definitely a college shop, seling cigars, cigarettes, glassware, VERY LIMITED hookah ware, and some smoking odds / ends. They also have a tanning parlor and laundromat in the back? This place will work in a pinch, but definitely my last resort choice.
  6. Lancaster PA here, and theres only like two places to buy shisha from grrrr...anyone else near lancaster, york, or harrisburg know if any good places to buy hookahs, accessories or shisha?
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