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  1. [quote name='mattssn' timestamp='1308213685' post='512828'] Thanks guys, I dont know a lot of the brands you guys are talking about, but I am gonna start trying more stuff like tangiers, I heard thats good stuff, Ill try it on the flip and see if it drips, any suggestions on flavor? [/quote] As far as Tangiers goes you will most likely decide against packing it in the flip upon seeing the juciness of it. Tropical Revenge is always a nice Tangiers flavor. I am also a fan of clove if ur into that.
  2. well i thought I had a homebrew store and went to check it out today...google maps completely failed me and it was a residential neighborhood. But there is one about a half hour a way in delaware I am checking out in a few days. But from looking at there site they carry brewers best so we will have to see if they have other items as well but other than that nothing local =( as far as the pot goes I have some 3 gal crab pots in my garage. I am going to start with mash and move to all grain eventually. So do I need to do a full boil for mash? or should I be going partial boil + pre cooled water to get my temp correct quickly?
  3. Cracked.com and StumbleUpon.com
  4. Ill have to shoot allstar a msg I've looked at the Mr.Beer kit before but I think I want to make more than 2gal at a time and would therefore quickly upgrade...I also came across this [url="http://www.leeners.com/homebrew-equipment-sets.html"]kit[/url] - id probably spring for the glass one....
  5. Wow so its been about forever since I was on last but just like that im back baby! So anyways I haven't been able to smoke a good hookah in months since I moved and have nowhere to smoke now but that aside I did get a good session in last weekend visiting friends. Since I cant smoke much I have decided to start homebrewing beer. Does anyone have any experience with this? tips to offer? secrets to share? I am thinking of getting a Coopers DIY home brew kit...it seems to have pretty good reviews but id like some other opinions. (link to the kit: http://www.amazon.com/Make-Beer-Coopers-DIY-Micro-Brew/dp/B004QCXWSA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1308084845&sr=8-1)
  6. to update my old post...Havre de Grace
  7. I bought a rather large (considering the amount you need) bottle of glycerin from the pharmacy for like 7 bucks. If its not on the shelves just ask whoever is behind the counter and they should have some. The container from the pharm will not say food grade but it is 99.9 or 99.5 which is food grade safe...ill have to see if i cant dig out my bottle again for a closer look (org bought it to make fondant to decorate a cake)
  8. interesting question....I smoke cigs on and off and quit for a week or two here and there and a month every now and then. All the while I smoke hookah a few times a week. I get a different experience from the two...mostly I go back to smoking cigs when my schedule is hectic with long drives every morning and classes all day...basically I start smoking again so i can actually stay awake in class and while driving. Hookah is just something that relaxes me after a long day or something I smoke while playing xbox or cards. So from my personal experience I would say my hookah smoking has no effect on my cig smoking but everyone is different. I'd def like to hear how it goes
  9. Damn Mush that really sucks, I cant really say anything everyone else already hasnt expressed. But keep on fighting the good fight and when/if you re-open some day somewhere I'll be there to visit fo sho!!! Best of luck to you man
  10. well it should also be said a large number of high school and college girls go through anorexia and bulimia at some point and recover but those who dont often end up hospitalized or dead. Its awesome to hear what you are doing is already helping, I just hope when it becomes too much for you, you stop and make that your case an point - That a healthy individual cant do it for 100 days and they currently arent healthy and shouldnt be doing this to themselves. Side note: smoking although it does contain a few calories it isnt a significant amount
  11. how much they want for it? i mean if it not too pricy id buy it
  12. ok so just to clairify 2 coals (cut in half?) yeild thin smoke and 3(cut in half) is harsh and 2.5 still doesnt work....maybe the charcoal gnome is just having a jolly good time
  13. Prob right around 1.25 Kilo right now...sometimes more sometimes less....I've been leaning towards the more side but its getting harder to hide it all so I'm letting my collection dwindle back down.
  14. I froze my base into a plastic pumpkin kids trick or treat with once for about a month. It worked out decently I guess, but im not a huge fan of ice in the base anymore...not worth my effort. Anywho, with just putting it in ice u should be ok but if you get too much water in the cooler as well your hookah might begin to float like mine did (was a crap chinese one btw). But yeah, you can do that if you are motivated to do so...
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