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  1. QUOTE (spoolinspoon @ Oct 17 2007, 02:49 PM) maybe use a silicon base lube? Can you provide example?
  2. QUOTE (ZenSilk @ Oct 17 2007, 02:44 PM) Yeah that's what i thought. Sorry for the risque'-ness. I actually just use water or olive oil as well. I tried shaving it off with a freshly sharpened pocket knife, but it doesnt owrk too well. SO i actually bought the expandable Mya grommets from Hookahcompany. You can out one over the other and get the perfect size. Well I don't mind the olive oil, in fact i appreciate the fact that I know I have a completely air tight seal. However when ever I put it on display the oil seeps down and the base and stem become stuck to such a de
  3. QUOTE (ZenSilk @ Oct 17 2007, 02:16 PM) Do you mean the grommet is too large so it does not fit in the base and you have to jam it in there by lubing it up? Thats a pretty a risque way of summarising the situation ....but yeah essentially thats the problem. The grommet is slightly too big for opening of the base.
  4. So basically I've been having some problem with my latest shisha in terms of the grommet it came with. Its far too tight for the base and essentially doesn't fit. As a temporary measure I have been rubbing olive oil around the grommet everytime I want to use it. However I'm wondering what options are there for modifying the grommet and getting it to fit?
  5. The Indians actually make this pretty unique nargile made out of a coconut sphere and coconut parts. It would make an interesting conversation piece, if your friend can acquire it.
  6. QUOTE (Huskysibe @ Jul 9 2007, 05:14 PM) Nothing to see here, move along, the fireworks show is over.....You all have to understand that he is a distributor coming here and asking your opinion on some things. It quickly turned to pricing, his distributor pricing to a retailer is going to fluctaute based on many factors, volume, discounts, region etc etc. So lets quit beating him up about pricing. I think Smiley should be here defending HIS product, I admire OPD for coming into the lions den and remaining calm for so long, I would have been frustrated a lot sooner hehe. I am sure if yo
  7. For the love of god I have just read through 40 posts and not gained any knowledge. Can the distributor please complete this sentence: In the future X amount of smiley's tobacco is going to cost Y amount of dollars. I have never tried smiley's since living all the way in Australia it takes a lot of motivation and money to specifically order a brand unique to America, but I do respect the man and his work. However if it is going to cost $9 dollars for 15g it doesn't matter if its the equavalent of inhaling an orgasm......bro you are going to need to hand out a lot of free samp
  8. Hmmmm very nice purchase. It defies the traditional shisha designs and has a distinct modern look. But not in a crappy way as say that stargate hookah...dear god that thing is one ugly mofo.
  9. Well I might as well throw my crazy theory in with everyone else. Maybe he no longer wants to produce and sell his current line of tobacco, for god knows whatever reason, and this is sort of like a symbolic way of ending it. Like when a house or company is sold for $1. Anyway that said before people start pouncing on smiley I should remind that he has unlike most people here he actually grew up with shishas and knows his stuff. So I think we can throw out the theory that he thinks people are going to be dumb enough to buy it. I just wish the man himself would show up to tell us his rea
  10. Man i never even knew it existed until I read the message that it was gone. So what did it sell?
  11. I always thought that Hooters was a strip club. Anyway I'll agree with other people here that you are over reacting and in the long term doing more damage to the shisha movement. Myself and others have said this a hundred times and that is a shisha is not a cigarette and has not place in any facility that offers a 'smoking section.' The most obvious thing is that its a 31 inch structure that has exposed coals on top of it. You can imagine why a place with carpeting is not going to want that. It sounds like the manager never gave you any guarantees but rather a chance or 'trial
  12. Hmmm who to support an ignorant, bigoted religious fanatic or ............goths. Yep thats a tough one.
  13. QUOTE (mushrat @ Jun 23 2007, 05:34 PM) Sure, click on my controls near the top of the screen. Then look along the left side of the screen. Long list of choices. One of them is "edit Avitar" under personal profile. You should then be able to upload or link an avitar. yep cheers mushy
  14. Yeah got to love the ceramic bases, although it makes setting the water level really difficult. My every day argile doesn't have a ceramic base but some kind of foil decoration which also blocks your ability to see inside. However after a while you can pour the correct amount of water on instinct alone.
  15. Can someone explain how you attach an avatar to your name?
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