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  1. [quote name='jonchou729' timestamp='1333807548' post='544276'] 5. A friend of mine experimented with shishas, and he found out this in regards to the base: "The surface area theory is in regards to the cohesive properties of the hydrogen bonds in water. The larger the surface area the easier it is to break the bonds. The idea is that because there are a large number of these bonds on the surface therefore splitting and reorganizing the bonds is easier than when there are less bonds. The reason is because the less bonds the more concentrated the force has to be. Therefore due to the standard entropy within the bodies of water it is easier to release the force and break the tension." Based on my understanding, he is stating that there is a correlation between surface area of the vase and pull, but I am having troubles with understanding the theory.Which bases have the largest surface area ie.the top level of water that is in contact with the air in the base when the water is not being moved? [/quote] Whoa lol you went all scientific, just get a base you'll enjoy to be honest.
  2. Get it, polish that bitch up clean the insides and you got your self a piece.
  3. 1. is the wider the stem and hose port the better? if yes, which pipe has the largest of both parts. [color=#ff0000]Technically yes, more room for air flow.[/color] 2. what is the ideal height of a pipe? i heard 28"-32" for cooling the smoke. is this including the base and the head, or is it without the base and/or the head? [color=#ff0000]It's your preference, I had billowing clouds with my MYA QT now I have a 28"ish KM and I personally like my KM, it has lions.[/color] 3. is the thicker the hose the better? if so, which hose is the thickest? does the diameter of the tip of the hose matter (where you inhale)? [color=#ff0000]Thicker the hose, not really, what you want is a wide hose. An the diameter meh not really.[/color] 4. what are the best coals? i heard about fantasia airflows. [color=#ff0000]Natural wood or coconut hands down.[/color] 5. does foil thickness matter? if yes, what is the ideal thickness? [color=#ff0000]Always used reynolds thick foil, been great for me.[/color] 6. how much juice should be squeezed out from the tobacco? what is ideal? [color=#ff0000]Leave all that juicy goodness in there.[/color] 7. do you guys layer the tobacco? any rules? [color=#ff0000]I personally don't unless I'm mixing flavors, I just put one on top of the other.[/color] 8. which vases are the largest? i heard the larger the base, the more smoke. i also heard another theory about surface area. what are the two theories? [color=#ff0000]No and no, once again this is more of a personal preference thing, theres even a portable hookah that you can fit into a ltr soda bottle, doesn't mean anything for smoke amount.[/color] [color=#FF0000]hope that helps [/color]
  4. Baja tobacco..pretty much any flavor, excellent stuff
  5. Its funny when people talk down starbuzz but the honest truth I can admit is that starbuzz is the most consistent tobacco i've ever smoked, next to nakhla. If one flavor is horrible dont expect them to change it, if it's awesome, that next tin you buy will just be as awesome. Now you really cant say that about al fakher, tangiers, hookah-hookah, etc. I'm not saying I don't like those brands, its just I feel like i'm paying for honest consistency.
  6. QUOTE (MiButterflyWingz @ Sep 26 2009, 06:21 PM) I've been reading reviews and it sounds like i've been buying the wrong shisha. I want something that will give me a great buzz and alot of smoke. I've been using Starbuzz because it tastes good but it generally gives me a headache. So, i'm open for suggestions and not just on brands but on sites to buy them and flavors. Best advice I can give you is to try them all, you know? there isn't one best hookah tobacco. So go out and try them all
  7. Small claims court perhaps? And the cop has no right to tell you to empty your pockets, you had a hookah there is nothing suspicious about a hookah, now if he smelled something on you thats different but you we're completely innocent and in the green, so you could possibly have a civil case ( i think ) for making you take out your stuff on the hood. I can't stand police with a power trip. But that's my 2 cents.
  8. rainbow flavor would be pretty good.. like the italian ice
  9. *sigh* another west coast online shop..I hate all of you .. not really On a more serious note, what can you guys bring to the table that other online stores don't have?
  10. Like Sonthert said about the big batches and the smell being horrid, try making your own 250g ziplock baggies and acclimate it like that and see what happens
  11. Awesome vids and on a side note: you put the tobacco in the bowl like this mmm kay then you take your oyster fork like this mmkaay and then you poke the holes like this mmm kay
  12. Quick light and natural isn't really natural, if you want real real natural get lump wood coal, that's as natural as you can get.
  13. Mushrat of course ..takes patience the size of steel balls to keep this forum clean. and Sonthert for his vast amount of knowledge
  14. Yea invest in anything washable, thats your best bet or build your own.
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