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  1. [quote name='Amn_sinclair' date='29 January 2010 - 05:42 AM' timestamp='1264772566' post='448367'] i flip the coals because the bottom goes from glowing to black so i flip the glowing side to the foil and i ash when i flip the coals. I could probably smoke the bowl with out ashing of flipping the coals its kind of a habit thing more then anything [/quote] That's exactly what i do, more of a habit than anything
  2. yes, its very possible. she is extremely smart and the dumbass democrats are trying to make her out like a idiot in the media. And cause there socialists they want to control the media so that all you hear on the news is the left wing veiws. I hope she wins the presidential election, if obama gets another term i would seriously consider moving out of the country..
  3. John sent me a freebie box of zag, but when i tried it i couldnt get over the thin smoke and bad taste. not for me.
  4. [quote name='Arcane' date='29 December 2009 - 06:29 PM' timestamp='1262140196' post='442400'] 60% Guava + 40% Watermelon = 100% smexy or you can go 50/50 if you want a sweeter smoke... [/quote] haha speaking of quavamelon thats what im smokin on now
  5. the watermelon are good, also the baharani(sp) apple was one of my faves back in the day. cappuccino is also a good one
  6. Why would you want to go off and leave such a great community of people we have here!!?? crazyyy
  7. it took me around 500g to get ther perfect bowl also
  8. i got a km double trimetal 7 250g of nahkla 5 250g of tangiers all in all not to shabby. also got around $400 from rich family in japan
  9. yeah when i was on vacation i stopped by a small smoke shop that only stocked AF and the one i got was just about a year past its expiration date and it smoked just as good it would have normally.
  10. Nakhla margarita, or mint maybe a little later in the day
  11. i had the same problem when i made my homemade hose, it wasn't flexible enough to work. good work though.
  12. wow thats ghetto!! good improvising though
  13. when you become a regular at your local smoke shop and everyone knows you by name. and when you walk in they always say, what flavor would you like today
  14. Tangiers summer solstice hookah- KM frost double trimetal Bowl- Tangiers smallphunnel bowl hose- Black nammor coals- CH naturals liquid in base- water Tobacco smell- right out of the package this stuff smelled great, needed almost no acclimation. cut- tangiers normal smoke- big smoke taste- strong watermelon with a aftertaste of guava buzz- good, not to strong duration- about 3 hours, but could have gone longer with another round of coal on it overall- 9.0 definitally a must buy for any tangeirs smoker, had great flavor all the way through and outlasted myself and a friend
  15. lol all my hookahs are just sitting on a dresser. i will have to look into getting a designated hookah/shisha storage cabinet
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