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  1. QUOTE (Hookie The Hookah @ Sep 9 2009, 10:38 AM) QUOTE (newjacksm @ Sep 9 2009, 01:28 PM) QUOTE (Ralleac @ Sep 9 2009, 04:07 AM) Well, I've tried a couple bowls with cactus fruit, and one with k-cherry. My setup was done using the foil test method on a large phunnel, smoked with 2-4 golden canaries. Each time the smoke makes me want to cough, but my girlfriend's throat isn't irritated at all. Could it be something in the ingredients that I might be mildly allergic to? Funny you say that, lately I have been coughing like crazy from tangiers. I have been coughing way before this test but I wasnt coughing when I first tried tangiers. Probably started happening around May 09 or a little before that. I thought it was something that was going to pass. It surely hasn't..I thought it was my packing method but I dont think it is. I am hackin up loogies. . I am coughing so hard there is some blood but nothing crazy probably from irritating my throat from how heavy my cough is. It's been happening only when I smoke tangiers. Not anything else I smoke which include rolling tobacco, nakhla and Fantasia and AF. I had the same thing happen to me... I spent three hours at a local 24 hour korean spa and was 100% cured.... I think a lot of people dont realize that you dont smoke hookah as you would a cigarette. Moreover, you smoke hookah similarly to a cigar, you inhale about 10-30% no more. Furthermore, when inhaling dont cover the mouthpiece completely with your lips, leave room to draw in air with the smoke by holding the mouth piece to about 10-15 degrees from your lips, instead of the traditional perpendicular angle of a cigarette. Not only do you get enhanced flavor [since taste is directly correlated to smell] also, you arent breathing in complete smoke when your body wants oxygen as well. lol for some of you that wont make sense, but for the scientific types its completely understandable
  2. TANGIERS far and away... I dont smoke cigarettes and am quite healthy [outside hookah.. almost daily] and the Lucid line, which is less niccotine, is great for me because the other lines fu<k me up. U get a rush and have to stop for a bit... plus tangiers has the best flavors without tasting medicinal or synthetic
  3. QUOTE (clumsygrace @ May 20 2009, 12:52 PM) Exactly. As long as the women are happy, everyone's happy. oh man, WATCH OUT!!! thats the kind of attitude thats gonna have a wife and daughters running you life. here is the gamit of emotional rollercoasters you might endure, at the drop of a hat
  4. QUOTE (coplinb @ May 21 2009, 12:07 PM) this is what happens when you smoke too much OG tangiers or F-line alone from a medium phunell for 3 hrs straight and hydrate with keystone ice or, perhaps, the king cobra.
  5. QUOTE (BohoWildChild @ May 20 2009, 06:15 PM) [ There aren't any words in the English language to describe what it felt like sitting 6 feet from the kit and watching him play. He was so incredibly relaxed and instinctual about his playing. He was one of those rare musicians where music was completely integrated at a molecular level into who he was. It was like it oozed out of his skin. I've never seen anything like it and although I know a great many amazing musicians, no one else I've ever come across has that exact kind of magic. 'Rani Thats what makes jazz, jazz the improvisational format and its fluidity. YOU HAVE TO FEEL IT, or you cant jazz baby!
  6. QUOTE (Tom16689 @ Jan 1 2009, 02:52 PM) I was thinking ~$125. Someone offered me $99 (which is fine with me) but I don't know if its going to work. lol it works, you just have to change payment information after the other cancels. Then the new owner makes a new password..
  7. QUOTE (Thermo @ Apr 24 2009, 01:38 PM) It's a perfect system for what it's designed for - narrowing, focusing, and training the vast majority of the population to move smoothly into the workforce. * * EDIT * * It's a perfect system for what it's designed for - narrowing, focusing, and training the vast majority of the population to move smoothly into the MINDLESS workforce, devoid of all individual distinctions, thus eventually harboring judgment which could be found in the annals of an active mind. ______________________________________________________ my god this could easily turn into an essay fest, back and forth. That is, if we all didnt have any hookah breaks to take
  8. are you primarily listening to instrumental ? ? ? there are plenty of vocalists as she started to list.. For piano one of the greatest of all time is without a doubt Erroll Garner... some of his recordings are so old and they still give goosebumps... Also, Duke Ellington may have done as much for music in general as Frank Sinatra did for the modern vocal artist/album format.... hes undeniably a king.. take a look... its still in the instrumental genre.. mostly though everyone wanted to work with him because he even composed some of the 'jazz standards' in the middle of recording sessions.
  9. Ok, after concluding my experimental mixture i found that: Orange Soda is to be treated like mint when combining with other flavors. It is potent enough that even a 3:1 ratio, which is used Horchata to Orange soda, it will overpower completely. [As a side note i want to say Horchata is very subtle to begin with, but i still contest that OS is to RESPECTED for its willingness to overcome all] My smoke from the bowl and exhales smelled exactly as what i envisioned, a heavy, rich, horchata with a sweet touch of orange. However the taste was all OS, only on one or 2 pulls did i detect the Horchata at all. Conclusion: Next time i will sprinkle in the OS w/ Horchata. By sprinkle i mean just that a few pieces. SO formy small phunnel i will put about 18gr of Horchata to 2gr of Orange soda, which is a 9:1 ratio for all of you OCD's out there. Hope this helps. I will update when i do the 9:1 next!
  10. looks like an epic fail + clothing fire + major medical bill from 3rd degree burns . . . -1 for whoever signed up to distribute this "gem"
  11. QUOTE (Stuie @ May 19 2009, 08:40 PM) just smoked Tangiers Orange Soda and Mint Awesome Orange Soda and Cocoa is good to i went to the store and bought some rubbermaid containers for my new storage.. Makin that combo i dreamed up in the next hour... will review after
  12. I was just thinking of a perfectly seamless new flavor combo for Lucid Fans, like myself... I just finished smoking Tangiers Ludid Horchata, which is one of my fav's. And I just picked up some Lucid Orange Soda... I can already tell the mellowness of the Horchata is gonna give lend its rich creamy texture to the Orange Soda, lending to endless streams of white cumulus clouds of smoke. I cant pack it yet as im waiting for one of my other containers to vacate, so i can acclimate my pack of OS. Im gonna do half and half to start, but my sneaking suspicion is that its gonna be 2/3 Horchata in the end with 1/3 Orange Soda that is gonna be the money combination. Thouroughly mixed in a container before being packed of course. Someone beat me to the punch and tell me what my suspiscions yield please!
  13. ah ha futbol [soccer] is about 20 times more physically demanding than american football... How many fat guys you see in futbol on a field that cant run in reverse or laterally, or for less than 15 yards without keeling over? Go out and play pick up football or futbol in competitive game, and tell me which is more demanding and skill based. Lol i admit that and i hardly played any soccer in my life, but i grew up with football, basketball, swimming.
  14. QUOTE (Scoop @ May 19 2009, 10:55 AM) grapefruits are awesome bioactivitors and taste great too...but i dont buy any of these diet plans. gotta make life changes to lose weight, not 2 week diets +1 scoop its just a different citrus for a traditional detox cleanse essentially.
  15. QUOTE (Stuie @ May 17 2009, 10:19 PM) man I put 3 cocos on a small phunnel yesterday... about killed me... burning shisha, and super harsh. i just put 3 CH coals on a small phunnel with Lucid horchata. At first the coals look overwhelmingly too large, but i cheat them off the edge about 1/6 then when i ash them first time move them toward normal resting position... was BUTTA stu, try that, or you could stand one on its edge till the first ashing
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